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Ever felt that there’s no way outListen to Tinto’s story THE STORY OF HOW ONE NEEDS TO RISE AMIDST ADVERSITIES OF LIFE EVEN WHEN THERE SEEMS TO BE NO WAY OUT YOU’D BE SURPRISED TO KNOW THAT THERE ISor there are waysONLY THING YOU NEED TO THIK LIKE TINTO GONZALVES; AND STRIVE TO RISE TO BE INVINCIBLESYNOPSIS The prologue contains the narrative of Humayun the Mogul Emperor who was called ‘The weak ring in the dynasty of kings’ by his father because of his defeat to the king of Bihar His father’s words haunt him stigmatize him and give him enough pain to rise again; to re install the empire and be called by history not as ‘the weak ring’ but ‘the invincible Humayun’Tinto Gonsalves is an aspiring footballerHe hails from a family of footballers beginning from his grandfather who came down to India in 1947 as a boy with nothing but a deflated football With his own merits and laurels his grandfather carved out a niche for himself among the football legends His son Tinto’s father followed And Tinto thus has on his hand a double struggle; to fight against the odds of competition and contest and to match the standards set by his predecessors His dream is to play for Mumbai FC one of the leading football clubs in the country Tinto’s father wants Tinto to play for the country; he will inherit the family’s wealth only if he plays for the national team Tinto leaves Mumbai to go to Shillong; the football hub of North East fro.

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M where he plans to attain a degree in football and play for the countryJenniffer his fiancé is persuading him to cancel his trip but he declines He is distressed because she has decided to go with the decision of her parents Tinto becomes a star in Shillong with his debut match Here as a football celebrity he fights for the people who are suffering from the Government’s decision to build a nuclear reactor in their region Tinto meets Prima Rosie who helps him in his ventures Her music enables him to improve his game They fall in love with each other and begin to cherish each other Life is on in full swing for Tinto But difficulties arise when Tinto is invited to a party Being a Bombay boy he has a distinct love for parties and dance Although Prima Rosie dissuades him from going he goes to the party At the party drugs enter his body without his realization An injury at the next match reveals the fact that Tinto’s blood has traces of steroids It is at this point that he falls His father visits him and insults calling him a weak chain in the dynasty The coach calls him and rusticates him His friends chuck him out of their hangouts and he finds Prima Rosie having an affair with his best friend Salauddin As life turns topsy turvy with one mistake Tinto begins to feel cornered But he decides to return to come back with vengeance with vigour The account of Humayun the invincible Mogul Emperor inspired him Tinto gets the support of his pri.


Ncipal and a new private coach Tinto works hard trains himself to get on the national team He gets selected but there is a problem in his DNA He insults his father and takes revenge for the words of his father But then the truth opens up to him that his DNA was altered when he was a foetus in the womb of his mother It was then that he repents and resolves to do something He persuades the official coach to take him on the team but the coach ticks him off and opposition for him to play on the national level pours in from all sides Prima Rosie unveils to him that she had been pretending the affair with Salauddin in order to motivate him He finally makes it to the team and with his exceptional performance he makes it to the national team Prima Rosie is detected with cancer She expresses her deep love for Tinto but urges him to go back tie the knot with Jenniffer Tinto follows her advice and leaves ShillongThe story ends with the meeting of Prima and Tinto at a literary festival years later He shows her his achievements his awards his dreams With the inheritance which he gets from his father he builds a monument “THE CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS” which houses the relic of his father mother Jenniffer their premature baby and the scientist who had attempted to alter his DNA Prima smiles at the invincible Tinto and Tinto reminisces his remarkable journey which had made him struggle and his struggle to get on to the top makes him the invincible Tint.