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    Beautiful pictures my biggest complaint is that the cursive messy font was very difficult to read and as I was translating and using a dictio

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    What a beautiful book of Black and white images from a French photographer that hung out with Cirue for several years A very intimate portrait of photographs taken on tour and backstage Feels like another time an

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characters Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Veronique Vial

Wings presents the work of Veroniue Vial Parisian born photographer who for years has been candidly documenting Cirue du Soleil the world renowned circus of mystery Cirue du Soleil is dedicated to bravely reinventing the circus and to introducing popular audiences to the rich history of this remarkable performance medium O.

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Wings Backstage with Cirue Du Soleil

Ver the past decade the company has performed for millions of people throughout the world Taken while on tour and behind the scenes Vial's photographs show a personal side of the circus performers as they prepare themselves for the big top Vial's photographs reveal all the pageantry and spirit for which this band of perfor.

characters Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Veronique Vial

Mers has come to be recognized while giving us an intimate view of the diverse personalities who have made this troupe so famous Beautifully printed duotones bound in purple cloth and wrapped in a copper and black dust jacket this book will make a sumptuous addition to your collection Discover the beauty of Cirue du Soleil.