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Summary White Fire he #2

Re all hell breaks loose he is as cool as a diamond and as cutting There's no one on earth to touch himIn this his second mission he renews his acuaintance with Kellinger the blundering CIA man and tangles with Tenuesta the smouldering mystic Mayan priestes.

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White Fire he #2

HE IS BACKCOSMIC BOND AND SUPERLOVERThere's panic in Central America evil magic death torture and blood in the holy cup A black power in the jungle prepares to manipulate the sub continent and against this terrible malaise the nuclear nations are impotentBu.

W.W. (William Bloom) À 9 Summary

T he will avenge Called from his Himalayan domain with Willard a kind of deadly Jeeves with a Luger he confronts black magic with white poison darts with psychic ones In a deadly duel with Veiss albino sadist and megalomaniac he must exorcise the devil befo.

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    The second novel in the he series by William Bloom features deadly albinos trouble in Central America and the blend of action and mysticism familiar from te first book and which distinguishes this series from other spy thrillers though others such as Dennis Wheatley had already written thrillers with added weird stuff

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