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Ves who were brutally murdered by their husbands in the span of six weeks at Fort Bragg an Army post that is home to the Green Berets Airborne paratroopers and Delta Force commandos By that autumn Biank an Army brat herself realized the still untold story of Army wives lay in the ashes of that tragic and sensationalized summer She knew the truth wives were the backbone of the Army They were strong not helpless and deserved than the sugarcoating that often accompanied their stories in the mediaUnder the Sabers tells the story of four typical Army wives who in a flash find themselves neck deep in extraordinary circumstances that ultimately force them to redefine who they are as women and Army wives In this fascinating. This was recommended to me by one of my Army wife girlfriends ans she felt it was amazing and should be read by all I didn t realize the Lifetime series was based on a book that was based on the lives of actual women as a non fiction book I found it a much interesting story I think you d almost have to live that life to feel it as deeply as my girl did Forgive me but only two of my military spouse girlfriends were not active duty at one time themselves and it is definitely a different thing when that s where you re coming from And neither of those two ladies fit the stereotype thankfully hence our friendships But I don t say that with as much disdain as it may sound like I actually cannot imagine having to deal with the BS all of the spouses have to endure because of their partners choice of career I guess we all have that to some extent but how I behave when Jim is on the road is my business alone no one judges his performance based on my behavior It would take a great deal strength and devotion to tolerate all that crap on top of what military families already have to deal with in the course of a day and hey better them than me There s a reason I got out and found myself a nice rebellious civilian to marry you know And this book only confirmed what I already knew I could not live that life More power to themThere were points in the book where I couldn t put it down and points where I didn t give a damn I find it hard to bond with characters in reality or fiction that I don t identify with and I couldn t really connect to any of these women Generally it had a trainwreck sort of feel to me I had to find out what happened to which women and why or how Not sure if I recommend it or not but I did give it three stars It was better than okay

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Under the Sabers The Unwritten Code of Army Wives

And meticulously researched account Biank takes the reader past the Army's gates where everyone has a role to play rules are followed discipline is expected perfection praised and perception often overrides reality Biank explores what happens when real life collides with Army conventionBiank describes what it means to be a wife and mother in a subculture that is in a constant state of readiness for war In this hard hitting and powerful book Biank takes a close look at the other woman the Army itself and its impact on wives marriages and home life This story of strength and perseverance is an eye opener for those who have never experienced military life and an anthem to those women who each day live the unwritten code. To be honest I had a moment when I put this book down and didn t think I was going to pick it back up There is a widow in this book and it hit a little too close to home BUT my mind really wanted to know how things turned out SO I promised my heart that I would just skim through the burial details and carry on with the rest of the story linesThis is what I really learned while reading this book There is a class system in the military It appears that your husbands rank determines everything It determines where you live what bars you should go to even what is the appropriate kinds of cloths to wear It was really an insight into military wives lives It was worth the read for that alone I know there is tv show based off of this book but NO i have not seen it I don t intend to either

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Under the Sabers is a groundbreaking narrative detailing the complex personal challenges Army wives face presenting a provocative new look at Army life Tanya Biank goes beyond the sound bites and photo ops of military life and shows what it is really like to be an Army wife from hauling furniture off the rental truck by yourself at a new duty station when your husband is in the field to comforting your son who wants his dad home from Afghanistan for his fifth birthday she takes readers into the hearts and homes of today's military wivesIn the summer of 2002 Army wives were in the headlines after Biank a military reporter for the Fayetteville Observer made international news when she broke the story about four Army wi. uite honestly I bought this because it s the book the Lifetime TV series Army Wives is based upon It was pure research with a heavy dose of envy thrown in I had one of those if SHE can turn her book into a TV series so can I dammit moments I had wrongly assumed Tanya Biank was a first time author who got lucky while I an English major with dozens of published books to my credit toiled away in obscurityBoy was I wrong It turns out Biank is a reporter based in Fayetteville NC who has not only covered the military beat for the local paper there for years but has also been embedded with deployed troops all over the world The second surprise was the subject of the book and her motivation for writing itDuring the summer of 2002 4 Fort Bragg Army wives were murdered by their husbands during a 6 week period In this post 9 11 era when troops surged into the middle east and the entire country mourned it seemed to Biank that this story needed to be told and told by than just a short article in the local paper for each of these women killedI will copy here the passage from the book that has stuck with me most Remember this is Biank writing her own opinion so don t email me I m not saying I agree or disagree just that it made me think Begin uote Everyone I met who knew Bill Wright extolled his virtues great father husband and NCO Even the cops had compassion for him It was harder in this town at least for me to find people who had compassion for the wife he had just murderedTo many at Bragg it was Bill Wright who was the victim the politically incorrect point of view that was never part of any media coverage including my own At the time I never asked the one unthinkable uestion Did she deserve what happened to her The uestion seemed absurd Since I didn t ask it I couldn t learn what I know now More than a few soldiers who either knew the Wrights or had heard about the case later told me She got what she deserved Or She had it comin These uick trigger outbursts they were never said casually always caught me off guard To understand the root of such venom I thad to take a step back and realize that these men identified with Bill Wright the patriot Bill Wright the war vet and family man than they did with his supposedly cheating wife An unfaithful Army wife might as well be a terrorist soldiers hate them that much Soldiers tend to consider infidelity as a personal slight on their own manhood When a woman cheats on a buddy she is desecrating not only her husband but also the flag and all those in uniform Of course none of this applies when soldiers cheat on their wivesRumors of Jennifer Wright s alleged affairs had been flowing through her husband s unit for a long time before her death And in the Army rumors are as good as reality here perceptions are reality Sadly Jennifer Wright has never been able to defend her reputation In the end the great father had orphaned his three boys from Under the Sabers page 2 3 Those few paragraphs have stuck with me since the day I read them and dog eared the page Biank goes on to inform the reader that of the 4 wives murdered by their husbands 3 of those 4 husbands killed themselves afterwards Coincidentally or perhaps not those same 3 men were Special Forces She explains that back in 2002 they investigated everything they could think of to explain this phenomenon Was it the malaria injections these men had been given before deploying Had the Army turned them into trained killers who no longer valued human life What didn t fit was the thousands of other men who received the same injections and the same training who choose NOT to kill their wives affairs or notWhat Biank concludes is this the Army doesn t cause marital problems but when those problems exist they are easily magnified by the stress of long separations money problems freuent moves and the perceived stigma which prevents military families in emotional turmoil from seeking help for fear it would negatively affect their careers Not that I feel at all ualified to render an opinion I agree with her conclusion

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    uite honestly I bought this because it’s the book the Lifetime TV series “Army Wives” is based upon It was pure research with a

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    I couldn't book this book down The true story of four Army wives along with shorter stories of other Army wives during the 2000 2002 timeframe I lived in Fayetteville during the timeframe of this book I worked on Fort Bragg during that time The book hit home in many ways because I could relate to the Army culture I grew up in it as

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    Since I am one of the womencharacters in the book I can tell you what a disappointment how inaccurate most of the story is on a personal level I was never allowed to edit have access to the narrative or even confirm some of the factual nature let alone get a clue to the slant Ms Biank took insinuating certain aspects of my views family friends or personality This book was obviously written to be immediately ma

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    I am a HUGE fan of Lifetime's Army Wives and have wanted to read this book for uite a while now I am glad that I did Being a former Military significant other I was able to relate to these women's stories and the whole story in a way I probably would not have been able to otherwise Contains a SpoilerAs for how the book relates to the TV Show the characters in the book and not specifically based on any one cha

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    This was recommended to me by one of my Army wife girlfriends ans she felt it was amazing and should be read by all I didn't realize the Lifetime series was based on a book that was based on the lives of actual wo

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    I am an army wife and army brat I watch the tv show but the book is completely different Yes there are some parallels but

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    I read this book because I am a Military Brat and a vet It confirmed what I already knew There are people in the military ju

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    Picked it up because of the show based on this The show is a far stretch from this book most things are totally different I rated this ok based on the book alone The author claims to want to dispel some of the average stereotypes of Army wives yet she feeds into others This is a very Go Army type book you'd almost think the Army was the onl

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    To be honest I had a moment when I put this book down and didn't think I was going to pick it back up There is a widow in this book and it hit a little too close to home BUT my mind really wanted to know how things turned out SO I promised my h

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    Having been a Navy Wife this story rang so true to how it is to be a military wife I knew this was the book that the tv show Army Wives was based on but I didn't know it was about the Fort Bragg killings too Its a little different than the show but you can figure out who is being portrayed on tv even though the names are different I couldn't believe how this turned out to be a tear jerker for me halfway through the book Be aware

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