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Perversions animals as sex objects and exhibitionismThe second essay “Infantile Sexuality” discusses in detail the three phases of masturbatory activity the sources and phases of development of the sexual organization and the interaction of sexual and nonsexual processesFreud's final e. I suppose having an idea of how to think about Freud s work is necessary to begin to answer what one candoesshould think about it And truth be told I m not sure how to think about Freud I will say though that reading Freud is a lot interesting than reading about Freud Best to go right to the source no Regardless there is A LOT in here that is as important as the moment Freud s pen touched the page For one and you won t read this in any reviews or general talk about this book it s surprising that the public at large has only recently begun to accept male homosexuality as a genuine manifestation of sexuality rather than a perversion when Freud condoned that very notion when this was published in 1905 Freud notes that we are all born sexually polymorphous Freud however did not invoke the reductionist biological theory often heard today but instead poses an interesting little theory about identification with a strong female early in one s life If anything Freud might concede that one is biologically predisposed to identify with such a strong female but the presence of said person is obviously completely up to circumstanceI haven t read the feminist literature on Freud though I d be interested in doing so As I understand it there s uite a lot And that s entirely believable Freud theorizes about female sexuality but the fact that he bases it on male sexuality makes it dubious from the start At any rate this book is worth reading and maybe even reading again it s only like 160 pages The fact that Freud basically theorizes that the first few years of a person s life will dictate how that person forms relationships with others esp amorous relationships should be enough to put every potential and actual parent on full alert That being said overweening parents are annoying and to back it up Freud attributes some of the trauma that can occur in infancy and early childhood which can affect a child in either beneficial or adverse ways to accidents that may or may not be preventable In fact Freud notes that the doting parent is to blame for the neurotic obsessive male and hysteric female Freud s terms not mine in that if a child is showered with affection as soon as heshe demands it that child will come to expect the same from a lover or even friends as one grows older Why does the male of such parents grow up to be neurotic obsessive and the female hysteric As I understand it it is ostensibly because the male is to an extent comfortable with his sexuality and thus becomes obsessive with regards to his desire and its object Whereas the female is not comfortable with her desire and the desire thus manifests itself as a strong aversion and the physical affects of hysteria Clearly a feminist critiue can and has been applied here So do Freud s theories hold up under the nearly 100 years of criticism and revision some friendly some not I have no idea But reading the original is the best way to even begin to form an opinion of how and what one should think about Freud

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Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie

It is in this seminal work that Freud first describes his theories on the development aberrations and transformations of the sexual instinct from its earliest beginnings in childhoodIn his first essay “Sexual Aberrations” Freud treats the deviations of the sex instinct including general. If you can talk to a person about this book without being judged as a psychopath or reported to police I think that s where the most profound and farthest form of trust a homo sapien can witness

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Ssay “Transformations of Puberty” discusses the final stage of genital primacy the many inhibitions fixations and deviations in the course of development the genital zones the forepleasure principle and the libido theoryThis is the definitive edition of one of Freud's most important wor.

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    I showed an excerpt of Freud's writing to my friend over lunch earlier this afternoon The excerpt read like this Contact between the child and its carer is for the child an endlessly flowing source of sexual stimulation and satisfaction of erogenous zones particularly since the carer— generally the mother—bestows upon the chi

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    We are not in a position to give so much as a hint as to the causes of these temporal disturbances of the process of development A prospect opens before us at this point upon a whole phalanx of biological and perhaps too of historical problems of which we have not even come within striking distanceI admire Freud in a similar way to that which I encounter Augustine Despite glaring mistakes there is a pellucid grace to the prose The reasoni

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    If you can talk to a person about this book without being judged as a psychopath or reported to police I think that's where the most

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    I suppose having an idea of how to think about Freud's work is necessary to begin to answer what one candoesshould think about it An

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    Moreover the kiss one particular contact of this kind between the mucous membrane of the lips of the two people concerned is held in high sexu

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    Wow Now that’s an evocative readThey sure don’t make them like that anyIf you have read any of my other reviews you may already k

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    this was really freaking weird i have nothing else to say about it

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    Is this the book that takes your innocence away corrupts every fiber of your being and makes you think of anything but pure love when you see a

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    How do you rate something like the Three Essays which though by no means enjoyable signals one of the most significant paradigmatic shifts in thought in the past several centuries ? I gave the book an arbitrary 4 stars Fra

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    A primordial text with alas a bad reputationWhat is remarkable about Freud in these essays is that what people typically saw as abnormal or perverse sexual expression is not seen as so abnormal by himHe states that sexual experiences from in

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