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An accessible introduction to the Jewish concept of our responsibility to care for others and repair the world For everyone who wants to understand the meaning and significance of tikkun olam repairing the world in Jewish spiritual life this book shows the way into an essential aspect of Judaism and allows you to interact directly with the sacred texts of the Jewish traditionGuided by Dr Elliot N Dorff Rector and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Judaism this comprehensive introduction explores the roots of the beliefs and laws that are the basis of the Jewish commitment to improve the world It l.

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The Way into Tikkun Olam Repairing the World

The hope that if we help others others will be there to help us How we repair the world The concrete expressions of tikkun olam in our families our communities the wider Jewish community and the world at large help shape one of the most important aspects of the Jewish traditionBy illuminating Judaism's understanding of the components of an ideal world and the importance of justice compassion education piety social and familial harmony and enrichment and physical flourishing for both the individual and society we see how this ancient uest for a world with all these elements helps us define Jewish identity and mission toda.

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Ooks at the various motivations that the sacred texts provide for caring for others the ways the Jewish tradition seeks to foster such concerns in our social and family relationships and the kind of society that Jews should strive to create as partners with GodWhat tikkun olam is Ancient idea New concept The underlying theory has developed over time and branched into related terms and concepts that Judaism has used over thousands of years to describe the duties we now identify as acts of tikkun loamWhy we engage in acts of tikkun loam Reasons include but go far beyond a general humanitarian feeling that we might have or.

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    The Way Into series from Jewish Lights Publishing is a series I've been wanting to delve into for some time now T

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    has some good entry into the evolution of the theology of Tikkun and how the thinking has evolved I love being reminded how central justice is to judaism