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Of passion he finds in the arms of vivacious dominating Ruth Landers Immediately Randy is intoxicated with Ruth's overwhelming response and shortly after their first ecstatic taste of love they are married So desperate is Randy to prove that he can lead a normal life he forces himself to ignore the facts that Ruth is eight years older than he is a woman vitally concerned with forging ahead in her own career and most of all that she is utterly unaware of his active homosexual past The brief return of Corky signals the beginning of the most severe test in Randy's life His relationship with his wife becomes in every way a Strang

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E MarriageHow Randy meets this test and the explosive results of his attempt to reconcile his love for Ruth with his active enjoyment of the fiery caresses of young sensitive David Noyes are both recounted in brutally honest unflinching detailMore than a searching probe into the secret homosexual life in a small town or the secrets of the married homosexual Strange Marriage also takes the reader through a breathless series of nerve rending suspense and adventure seuences Driving emotions fast paced action and vividly described sensuality make Strange Marriage one of the most vibrant and outspoken novels to appear in many years

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Meet Randy Hale outwardly the popular young owner of Hale's Cafe in the village of Pepper Tree But at twenty four Randy is already a long time member of the homosexual world This taut frankly sensual novel begins with Randy's frantic search for a male lover to replace his beloved Corky who has left Randy for the excitiing gay life of a large city Randy's search for appeasement takes him down strange and dangerous pathways a forbidden act in the washroom of a movie theaterdaring sexual encounters with George Nelson an older married mannights of mental and emotional anguishThen Randy's entire life is transformed by the new shape

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    Strange Marriage 1965 by James Colton is one of the earliest works of Joseph Hansen It's a pulp fiction book action packed than his

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    James Colton is a pseudonym for Joseph Hansen best known for writing Dave Brandstetter mysteries in the 70s and 80s I first stumbled upon Hansen's awfully titled A Smile in His Lifetime several years ago at an antiue store