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From its early beginnings in World War II the Special Air Service SAS has won renown in some of the most dramatic dangerous and controversial military special operations of the th century It is a secretive and mysterious unit whose operations and internal structures are hidden from the public eye Now one of its longest serving veterans offers a glimpse into the shadowy world of t

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The Regiment: 15 Years in the SAS

He SAS Rusty Firmin spent an incredible years with The Regiment and was a key figure in the assault of the Iranian Embassy in London in May Newly revised and available in paperback this is the unforgettable chronicle of Rusty s combat experiences a fascinating and intimate portrayal of what it was like to be part of the world s most respected Special Operations ForceRusty Firmin

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Served for ten years in the Royal Artillery before volunteering for the SAS and as a junior SAS NCO was given command of one of the two assault teams at the Iranian Embassy Siege in After years service in the SAS during which he served all over the world he left the Army to become a private security contractor He is the co author of Go Go Go The Story of the Iranian Embassy Siege