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The Goal A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Written in a fast paced thriller style The Goal is the gripping novel which is transforming management thinking throughout the Western worldAlex Rogo is a harried plant manager working ever desperately to try and improve performance His factory is rapidly h Great explanation of the theory of constraints and operations management It s a business classic first published in 1984 but still relevant as it gets at the fundamentals I almost removed a star for trying to create a fictional story to tell the book in that was badly toldedited Did we really need the side story about the protagonists marital issuesOne of the biggest takeaways from this book is that it s incredibly important to set the right goals to manage a complex operation This sounds obvious and intuitive however it s actually much harder than most people think and easy to get wrong It gets down to the uestion of is everyone working on the right things The things that will lead to the business making the most money It s too easy to find a things that are easily measurable and saying this thing is correlated with our success so let s focus on it It sounds like cost accounting fit into that bucket What you re saying is that making an employee work and profiting from that work are two different things So how do you set the right goals Focus on making money So this is the goal To make money by increasing net profit while simultaneously increasing return on investment and simultaneously increasing cash flow One of the drivers of making money in any business that creates a product is throughput or how fast a product can be made The others are costsoperating expenses and inventory One of the key concepts of the book is that focusing on throughput rather than costs will yield much better results The entire bottleneck concept is not geared to decrease operating expense it s focused on increasing throughput The bottleneck theory or the theory of constraints was very useful to think about My company produces software and not physical products but each feature we develop definitely has steps it has to go through creating the concept research spec design implementation backend and client testing A measure results analyze them iterate etc Focusing on where the bottlenecks are with that process can help us move faster And every startup needs to be moving fast and not just at building we need to be doing build measure learn as fast as we canA conseuence of the bottleneck theory that is useful to keep in mind is that in any system only the bottlenecks should be 100% utilized Every manager will have a natural tendency to want to utilize all their resources to 100% because that just seems wasteful if you don t People should be working full time right But a system can only run at the speed of the slowest bottleneck so non bottlenecks will by definition have spare cycles and it s important to keep them open for the important work and not fill it up with unimportant stuff that will bog them down when you actually need them on the important stuff I ve seen this happen many times in software An engineer finishes a project and the big important project coming from the design team isn t done yet so he picks up something small in the meantime The next day that big important project is ready to go but the engineer only needs one day to finish this thing he started And then that day becomes two and then three because we didn t count A And then we ve lost 3 days on our most important project for another project that doesn t matter at all Add that up across a large number of developers and you ve lost a lot of timeThe theory of constraints is not limited to manufacturing as the author shows In the end he is advocating it as a method or process of learning STEP 1 Identify the system s bottlenecksSTEP 2 Decide how to exploit the bottlenecks STEP 3 Subordinate everything else to the above decision STEP 4 Elevate the system s bottlenecks STEP 5 If in a previous step a bottleneck has been broken go back to step 1

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King to see what needs to be doneThe story of Alex's fight to save his plant is than compulsive reading It contains a serious message for all managers in industry and explains the ideas which underline the Theory of Constraints TOC developed by Eli Goldratt I have never been so excited to finish a book in my entire life This book is like subpar fan fic for operations enthusiasts

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Eading for disaster So is his marriage He has ninety days to save his plant or it will be closed by corporate H with hundreds of job losses It takes a chance meeting with a colleague from student days Jonah to help him break out of conventional ways of thin This is to Systems Thinking what The Five Dysfunctions is to management A peachy piece of fiction packed with applicable lessons in the most enjoyable format you can imagine While other systems thinking books are somewhat dry this one is filled with life even romance and well grounded in reality While five stars normally for me would mean life changing in this case I can t resist because of a rare and wonderful balance between enjoyment levity and insight This type of book to me is way better than crime fiction or fantasy I wish business fiction was a genre with endless optionsIn The Goal a dysfunctional manufacturing plant is transformed after the protagonist has a chance encounter with his physics professor in an airport lounge Through an unlikely rekindling of the relationship the professor shows him simple systems thinking principles that are gradually incorporated at the plant These principles completely transform the site Through continued improvement it turns traditional accounting and productivity practices upside down and soon outperforms all other plants in its industryIf you re bought into the whole idea of learning to think in mental models as Dalio describes in Principles or Munger in his Almanack you ll love this book to see how it s applied in action If not perhaps this story will show you the usefulness of it in an entertaining light hearted fashion The book will give you some hope that a hopeless situation can be turned around with a little ingenuity

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Eliyahu M Goldratt was an educator author physicist philosopher and business leader but first and foremost he was a thinker who provoked others to think Often characterized as unconventional stimulating and “a slayer of sacred cows” he urged his audience to examine and reassess their business practices with a fresh new visionDr Goldratt is best known as the father of the Theory of Con

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    It is hard for me to find the right tone to review this book perhaps I'll open by saying that of all the business books I've read thi

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    Great explanation of the theory of constraints and operations management It's a business classic first published in 1984 but still relevant as it gets at the fundamentals I almost removed a star for trying to create a fictional story to tell the book in that was badly toldedited Did we really need the side story about the

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    The best process improvement novel I've seen this classic work explains the all important Theory of Constraints through real life examples and a surprisingly good story Most books of this nature are exceptionally unrealistic but this

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    This is to Systems Thinking what

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    2nd read through I still love this book Primarily because of its collaborative solution finding process and its vocalness against local optima Also from a didactic perspective I think this is something we as peo

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    NOTESProductivity to accomplish something in terms of a goal“The future of our business depends upon our ability to incr

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    I have never been so excited to finish a book in my entire life This book is like subpar fan fic for operations enthusiasts

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    Goldratt introduces the Theory of Constraints via this entertaining novel I think this book is excellent if you are new to Operations And I think the approach of telling a story rather reading a traditional text book is a good format It demonstrates why many traditional measurements and common intuition is wro

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    This one gets super reviews but I'm at best lukewarm about it It's an early example of the teach business principles through a novel genre In this case the bumbling plant manager gets whacked over the head by his Israeli physicist friend unt

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    45 interested in application to project development vs repeatable manufacturingI like the approach of 'discovering' the principles behind theory of constraints and how to optimize throughput through a repeatable ma

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