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Urder and reveals a darkness below the surface of their small townDavid Burton is the author of How to Be Happy winner of the 2014 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children's Writin This is a mature crime thriller entirely appropriate for senior boys David Burton author of his memoir How to be Happy has composed a realistic and familiar story set in a ld mining town His main character Shaun solves the mystery without too many incidental or contrived situations Shaun is invested because he discovers the body is attracted to a family member and has little else to do with his time in this small community Plus there s the distraction it offers from the ongoing grief of losing his fatherHis best mate Will an aboriginal boy is a contrast and counterpoint to the intensely determined Shaun His large happy family and easy going manner provides support and acceptance when everyone else seems to regard Shaun with suspicion and concern The tragic circumstances surrounding this particular mysterious death create a sadness reflecting Shaun s mental state and his mum s insistence that he sees a counsellor is a welcome touchUltimately Burton is making a political comment a message for both governments and corporations about a topic that young people are unfortunately too aware of power and corruption often go hand in hand with injustice and disregard of individuals who try to eek out a living from an increasingly uncaring society This writing is strong and authentic

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When Shaun finds a dead body floating in the lake of a uiet mining town in outback ueensland he immediately reports it to the police But when he returns to the site with the const Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Annie DeoThe Man in the Water is a coming of age YA thriller set in a rural mining town in ueensland and follows a teenager who launches an investigation into a mysterious dead body which promptly vanishes after he leaves to report itThe author mentions that this book was based on his time in regional ueensland where he experienced a new and different culture in their mining towns inspiring its depiction in the form of the issues Shaun and his town face and how Shaun s character is developed It s an eye opening read and immediately apparent that the author has written from real life knowledge as the reader is transported to Shaun s dusty dry hometown withering away in the oppressive heat and from the loss of resources as profit driven businesses lay off local workers to invest in casual workers insteadShaun knows something of the greedy corporate mindset as his father suffered a debilitating injury due to long hours in unsafe working conditions leading to him taking his own life out of despair and shame This background informs how the other characters respond to Shaun suspecting that his report of a dead body is based on unresolved grief and acting out because he needs help The topic of mental health is a recurring theme and Shaun s mother repeatedly brings up therapy doing her best to enrol Shaun in counselling sessions to help him manage his emotions and behaviour Of course Shaun is less than impressed as he DID find a dead body but representation of mental health issues has helped to stigmatise the condition over time and it s always welcome to see awareness being raised in books aimed at a younger audience I appreciated that the author also includes a list of resources at the end of the book to assist anyone in need of helpThe murder mystery is tricky and convoluted throwing up puzzling uestions the deeper the boys dig into it There s a ton of intrigue and near claustrophobic paranoia as the number of suspects pile up including those in close proximity to Shaun and it s a very satisfying conundrum to mull over I did finally work out the answer but only on chapter 33 out of 39 The author has a delicate balance to maintain between keeping the mystery confusing enough for readers not to pick it apart early in the book but also sowing in seeds of information that the teenage boys can investigate and succeed in gaining insight from without it being completely unrealistic This can t turn into CS North ueensland after all It was handled superbly as Shaun and Will felt wholly believable pursuing their case in a manner that made sense for teenage boys and getting ahead without simply lucking into clues through sheer plot convenienceA tentative romance is included in the background as Shaun s next main priority besides solving the murder is trying to summon the courage to reveal his feelings to long time crush Megan However the focus is on Shaun s feelings about Megan rather than developing her as a character in her own right which makes sense as this book is primarily about Shaun s emotional journey and his growth shown through the way he interacts with those around him The friendship between Shaun and Will in particular is heartwarming and endearing with their light hearted banter offering a welcome counterpoint to the serious moments dealing with death and depressionThis is a wonderfully thoughtful and intriguing story that has crossover appeal to adults and younger teenagers exploring important messages as well as entertaining the reader A captivating fast paced read that is recommended for everyone

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Able the body is gone Determined to reveal the truth Shaun and his best friend Will open their own investigation But what they discover is far sinister than a mining mishap or a m Trigger warnings death grief mental health death of a parent in the past view spoilersuicide murder cheating hide spoiler

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    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Annie DeoThe Man in the Water is a coming of age YA thriller s

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    Shaun is a kid in a small mining town in rural ld One day he spots a man floating face down in a lake He rushes to report his findin

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    Woven throughout The Man in the Water is the reoccurring theme of mental health community responsibility and removing mental illness discrimination especially in traditionally male dominated workplaces While Australia strides towards

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    Trigger warnings death grief mental health death of a parent in the past view spoilersuicide murder cheating hide spoiler

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    CW suicideDNF p48I was so looking forward to this mystery I can't finish reading due to the mention of suicide Maybe I'll mysteriously feel able to read it one day

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    The story kicks into action immediately with POV character Shaun finding a dead body floating in the lake He runs literally

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    This is a mature crime thriller entirely appropriate for senior boys David Burton author of his memoir How to be Happy has

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    I think this would be a good book for teenage boys as it deals with issues like toxic masculinity and domestic violence in a subtle but meaningful way As someone who grew up in ueensland I also think it was excellent in its depiction of small town life and the impact that mining has on regional communities However The Man in the W

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    David Burton has written a tightly woven and highly readable mystery story He keeps the pressure up and keeps it real Shaun sees a man’s body floating in the local lake and when he returns with Constable Charlie Thompson the body has gone Shaun begins to investigate the mysterious death and uncovers far than he ever imaginedA t

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    In my opinion this is the perfect cover for the story behind it I absolutely love the vibrant blue colour and t

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