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Loving Gift

I'm going to marry her he'd saidJust because David Kendrick fell in love with Jade at first sight it didn't mean she had to go along with the ideaShe had escaped to the sanctuary of. Re The Loving Gift here in HPlandia it is December 1989 and CM has been absent from the line up for a year I suspect CM was busy doing CM things but she kinda left us hanging right in the middle of her Bennett Family mini series The preceding books in this series were One Chance At Love with Dizzy and her undercover Romance Author Greek God History Professor To Love Again with Christi Dizzy s friend and the Greek God s niece and her older divorced lurve lessons stud and this one is followed by December 1990 s offering of A Christmas Affair whose h is the best friend of the h we are talking about hereThis one opens in appropriate Christmas fashion with the h who has taken a temporary teaching contract in Devon to escape London for a bit something bad happened but CM is going to keep us in suspense about that supervising the student s holiday party before sending them off for Christmas Holidays Everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Father Christmas and he finally makes his appearance The h s schoolteacher friend whose husband is the Jolly Man in the Red Suite appears to have fallen into a state of shock The h is wondering what is wrong but soon gets distracted by Father Christmas s borderline suggestive comments about what a cute girl like her would want in her bed for Christmas right in front of all those google eyed children The h is mortified and offended she is doing her best to politely distract Santa without resorting to a skillet over the head and possibly traumatizing innocent gullible students for life When Santa sashays over to hang all over her person for a bit the h can only conclude that her teacher friend s hubby who is also the Headmaster went overboard in the dry sherry drinking in an attempt to live up to the jolly part of being St Nick She is warning him off in an fierce undertone and Santa Baby s remarks are only getting outrageous Finally Santa takes the hint and attention is diverted as the children are gotten bundled up to go home Santa corners her in the supply closet after the party clean up and announces he is in love and wants to marry the h The h is furious and smacks him a good one on the side of the face Instead of backing off St Nick starts laughing hysterically and declares that the h is definitely the one just as the h s schoolteacher friend wanders back into the roomBy now the h is convinced Mr Claus is having drunken hysterics and she goes to administer a soberizing smack to the head but misses and gives Santa a black eye instead Santa doesn t declare the h on the naughty list or threaten to leave her stockings full of coal which actually might have been useful as the h s rented cottage has no central heating only coal fires Nope he just declares it is true lurve forever and he is available to be wed within the week The h is completely befuddled and that befuddlement grows when the Headmaster shows up to see what is going on in his supply closet That is when the h realizes that the Headmaster must have a brother who played Santa on a whim and that is why her schoolteacher friend looked so stunned Apparently Mr Santa H hasn t been around for whileThe h is roped into dinner with her teacher friends and their crazy brother She doesn t want to go but unfortunately there is no escaping the dinner invitation that has priorly been accepted As Miss Manners gently reminds us only death hospitalization or an invitation to dinner with the ueen can get you out of previous dinner engagement We get a cat bonus here his name is Wellington cause he is all white except for black feets and looks just like he is wearing Wellie boots Wellington moved in when the h did cause she looked like the gullible type who would always by the right flavour of Tastee Deelties and she also thinks it is a great honour to be a Cat staffer Sadly Wellington s former owner passed away some time ago so had to take his time in choosing new staff carefully but the h fits his standards of service admirably The h is hoping that Wellington will do the patented CAT STARE and convey a genius plan to escape the forthcoming dinner In fact it does start to snow but Santa H shows up in his trusty Range Rover so the h has to go endure the H s harassment for an evening The schoolteacher friend is uick to force the h to agree to come as a guest to several parties the woman is throwing over the holiday season and the h reluctantly agrees cause it is also terribly impolite to throw off a hostesses party numbers in favor of escaping persistent puppy H harassment but she is really being pimped out to the H big time He starts showing up at the h s not so cozy cottage when the fire goes out all the time He keeps dragging her out to do things like get a Christmas tree that Wellington won t kill and have snowball fights while the h is in her bathrobe Eventually the H manages to harass the h into liking him back but there are hints of tension when the h starts noticing police cars following her and the H around The H thinks it is normal police patrols looking for intoxicated drivers but the h worries it might be That doesn t stop her and the H from swinging the lurve club for a bit of exercise tho Then news of an escaped prisoner reaches the h and there are strange footprints around her yard Finally the h s backstory is revealed and also the reasons why the h is so determined to distance herself from other people Eighteen months earlier the h was working at London private school and planning her wedding to a man she had met several months earlier who swept her off her feet Then one of her wealthy students got kidnapped and it turned out that the h s fiance whom she loved was using her as an unknowing conduit for information on the student s daily movements The police drug the h in for uestioning several times there was bad press and everyone thought the h was in on the plot Her name was sorta cleared when the ex fiance announced in open court that the h was a stupified dupe and was used by the kidnapper because of her naivety and gullibility The bad guy had originally planned to dump the h before the wedding but after the kidnapping heat died down However he got caught when the police intensified their uestioning and he tried to escape with ransom money and got caught Naturally the h is very traumatized by what happened she was pretty harshly used But to make things worse she had to resign the job she loved move back in with her parent s who seemed to have doubts about her non involvement too and then her parents were socially cut off by their friends and her father had a heart attack The h left the area without even telling her parents where she was going and had been living off savings when she moved to London Her London roommate who is the h in the next book got the h her temporary Devon teaching job and the h is slowly trying to work her way through her guilt and pain over being so horribly duped and used The h is also falling in love with the H He is madly in love back and knows the h is the right one for him cause his first wife who died at twenty after a year of marriage blacked his eye the first time they met too Then he married her a week later The former wife hit the H cause she though he was having an affair with her widowed mum but it turns out the H is the big time wealthy publisher of the Greek God s romances and was offering his first wife s mother a book contract The H is over the death of his wife and totally ready to commit to the h She is thinking she might be getting a second chance to rebuild her life but then the police show up at her door Her ex fiance kidnapper has escaped and the police seem to think she is in on the plot The h kicks them out and won t answer their uestions she has been harassed enough by uestioning to last a hundred lifetimes The h also realizes that the H is a prominent guy and there is no future for them with her past She packs up Wellington who goes under protest and heads back to her sterile life in London The h s friend follows her and tries to convince the h to give the H a chance because he thinks she is still in love with the guy from her past that hurt her The h and Wellington get to London and Wellington is expressing his sincere disdain and displeasure over the vagaries of his staff person when the H shows up and the h tells him it has to end between them The h s friend then gives the h the tough love self pity motivational speech and the h realizes she has to be with the H Scooping Wellington back into his cat taxi we all go back to Devon and the schoolteacher H sister in law puts the exhausted Wellington and the h into the H s bed for the night The H is missing but supposed to return and the h resolves to wait it out but she falls asleep and is awoken later that night by the H s twue love kiss The H swears eternal love and boudoir bouncing bliss forever the h explains her stormy seekrit past and the H tells her he already knows He knew the kidnapped student s family and he adds that they don t think she had anything to do with the kidnapping The h avows her true lurve back and the H explains that he will help her repair her relationship with her parents and they will be getting married as soon as can be The kidnapper ex has been recaptured so all is well in HPlandia once again There is a nice little epilogue where the former H and h s of this series are at this H and h s daughter s christening and the h is shocked to meet her most favorite romance writer ever and realize that he is a Greek God History Professor in real life Everyone is happy and the HEA s abound and we get a bit of mini series bating with the next book s couple of the h s roommate friend and her boss which will be next December s CM Christmas offering Overall this is a uick simple read There are some funny moments with some mild suspense and a little angst Wellington was by far the best character in the book and he gets some nice page time for a uick little HPlandia outing with Cat Bonus

SUMMARY Loving Gift

Down and stirring up her emotionsBut Jade couldn't resist David's single minded pursuit of her even though she knew she was not yet free from the terrible shadows of her London past. Jade is working under another last name believing her mistake of falling for the wrong man is still ruining her life David comes to Devon to visit family and plays Father Christmas for his brother s school When he sees Jade he falls for her After Jade slaps him twice and gives him a black eye he declares he s going to marry her and that it was a sign Jade can t help falling for David when he pursues her In fear that she can t escape what her ex fianc did she runs With some wise advice from her friend she goes back to find David They finally get together and Jade realizes that her ex can t stop her from being happy

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A Devon village and a job teaching at her friends' school because she wanted some peace and uiet and the last thing she needed was this impulsive handsome man turning her life upside. 3 Stars The opening for this romance had me in stitches David has surprised his family by joining them for Christmas and part of that surprise is him in a Santa suit entertaining 150 elementary students Normally it s his brother Simon the headmaster who suits up and this is who teacher Jade thinks is under the whiskers So when Santa starts to flirt outrageously with her she s deeply troubled that Simon is chasing her in front of his wife At first sight David was enchanted with Jade with the jade green eyes And when she later slaps him and then slugs him in the eye he s even sure she s the one for himJade took the teaching job in Devon to get away from a nightmare experience The last thing she wants is involvement with a man But David is single minded in his pursuit and bit by bit he whittles down her defensesDavid is a complex man and I found it refreshing that he s not a bitter one as many HP heroes would be after the death of his young bride He s had his time of mourning and is now ready to move forward with his life Jade on the other hand is still in hiding from her past and fearful that David will reject her too when he learns all about itLovely romance Lots of fun and some great angsty moments too

About the Author: Carole Mortimer

I have written almost 250 romance novels in contemporary and Regency I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and recipient of the 2015 RWA Lifetime Achievement Award In 2014 I received a Pioneer of Romance Award from Romantic Times in the US and in 2012 I was recognised by ueen Elizabeth II for my 'outstanding service to literature' I am very happily married to Peter with six sons and live on the

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    Re The Loving Gift here in HPlandia it is December 1989 and CM has been absent from the line up for a year I suspect CM was busy doing CM things but she kinda left us hanging right in the middle of her Bennett Family mini series The preceding books in this series were One Chance At Love with Dizzy and her undercover Romance Author Greek God History Professor To Love Again with Christi Dizzy's friend and the Greek God's niece and her older

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    The hero heroine were so annoying that I dnf'd on page 62 Also the storytelling was too slapstick farcical comedy forced in the telling The only character I took seriously was Wellington the cat It's story was told in a compelling manner

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    Couple of things1 WHAT do I make of the instant attraction of the H for the h? It's cute in the beginning but it reminded me of a little kid who wants a new toy and keeps at it until he gets itI can't help but wonder what's gonna happen when the novelty wears off cuz the H's first wife died before that happened2

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    Gah My first read of the year and it wasMehThe h annoyed me The H was an absolute darling He deserved than he got from the h for most of the book The h’s ex used her in a horrible way and it left her traumatized but she

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    This one was better then the last ones I read I think because the plot was great and it had some really funny scenes in it No arguing about things being upset yes but no really big arguments Which to me made this one a lot better The kirky side of the man David made this one bearable finding each other in the end the way they did and letting us know what happened at the end was great I think the surprise was her finding

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    3 ½ Stars The opening for this romance had me in stitches David has surprised his family by joining them for Ch

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    Jade is working under another last name believing her mistake of falling for the wrong man is still ruining her life David comes to Devon to visit family and plays Father Christmas for his brother's school When he sees Jade he falls for her Af

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    Seduced under the mistletoeJust because spontaneous David Kendrick fell in love with Jade at first sight doesn’t mean she

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    This story was cute and funny But it didn't fell like an early Carol Mortimer with the H being totally adorably in love with the h Would have liked drama tho CM missed the chance to create angst when the h's ex escapes from gaol I waited for the ex to contact the h and that some drama would ensue But you can't have everything I guess

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    Couldn't finish

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