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Two amazing paranormal shape shifter romance books Taming the Jaguar In this paranormal romance Felicity a college student travels to the rainforest for her cultural study abroad program She doesn’t expect to find love; she expects to explore the influences of modern society on tribal cultures and she hopes to interview the reticent Jebá an attractive man who acts as interpreter between the remote tribes and the government programs that seek to understand them better There’s than hostile tribes in the jungle though A malevolent group of human and drug traff

summary Taming the JaguarForbidden Shifts

Taming the JaguarForbidden Shifts

G about her called to him from her long luscious legs to their mutual love of corny old sitcoms She invited him over but he resisted knowing the alpha wanted to keep the pack away from her Kellan can’t get her out of his head though When he shows up weeks later at her apartment hot and horny he doesn’t know if Lindsay will turn him away and laugh at him or invite him in Now that the two of them have finally acted on their forbidden romance they must hide yet another scintillating secret from Lindsay’s father But hiding a secret from a werewolf is never eas

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Ickers the Selvagens Verdes use the lush forest to cover up their violent crime When Felicity accidentally crosses their path and is rescued by a jaguar she must uestion why the jaguar dealt so ruthlessly with her attackers and why she was spared Readers will enjoy watching two very different worlds collide in this erotic shifter romance Forbidden Shifts is a werewolf paranormal shifter romance with hot sex Kellan the pack’s beta hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Lindsay the alpha’s daughter ever since they spent a night flirting at the bar Everythin

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