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Surgical Instruments A Pocket Guide

During surgical procedures Consistent two page layout with a photo at the top and a brief description on the facing page that lists the instrument's proper name any alternative names uses in surgery and varieties Organized into nine major categories of instruments and alphabetized within each category for easy reference Fundamental Instrument Sets chapter features a summary table format for each instrument set so that the reader can uickly find the following information Set name Use Instrument index Specific items with PAR listed for each item Glossary at the end provides helpful.

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This uick reference provides need to know information about surgical instrument types in a consistent user friendly format Each two page spread features a photo of an instrument opposite a brief description that includes its proper and alternative names varieties and uses in surgery This edition adds close up shots of instrument tips for clearer reference and identification of instrument types With instruments alphabetized within 9 major categories locating specific information has never been easierAn accessible pocket size guide to the most common bread and butter instruments used.

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And succinct definitions for key instrumentation termsNumerous new instrument photos including photo inserts of tips to help distinguish between similar typesUpdated and expanded content on endoscopic instruments to reflect the latest technologiesEnhanced internal design for increased utility and an updated look now includesRunning heads at the bottom of each page listing the chapter number and title making content easier to findBrief table of contents printed on inside front cover for uick referenceList of instrument sets in Chapter 10 printed on inside back cover for uick referen.

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    This book have a good idea good illustrations but a bad contentIt doesn't contain a lot of instruments like graspers biopsy instruments blades needles electrosurgical pencil which is a very important tool in basically all operationsIt also lacks explanation about the use of every single instrument you feel like it's machine manual I think it

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