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This book first published in 1898 in a highly edited version uickly became a modern spiritual clas. I have always heard of her and didn t know what to make of her I read uotes here and there and didn t catch my attention much Since I have begun reading her autobiography I have been completely absorbed and taken by every words she writes and I feel like she is sitting in front of me like a bosom friend telling me her story in all purity in all simplicity in an extremely natural manner Sometimes you read the Saints and you end up feeling they are way up there but not so with our beloved Th r se who is every bit as human as she can be I read a part of the book and I feel like I really miss her and I want to go back to her to hear her talking some to me Reading just excerpts of her uotes will not do her justice or help you know and meet the real Th r se You HAVE to read the Autobiography first and then you would hear her heartbeat in what she is saying in every word she is writing Reading her I feel like I am getting a letter from a pen pal living in France and sharing in full transparency how she really feels and what she longs forSince the Lord has called me to missionary work reaching out to Muslims it delighted me to know that my little friend Th r se also had real longing for proclaiming the Gospel in foreign lands to the infidels ie those who are still living in darkness and Christ has yet to open their eyes I adore her missionary evangelistic zeal On p 216 she talks about how since her entrance into the blessed ark she has always thought that if Jesus did not bring her swiftly to heaven her lot would be the same as that of Noah s little dove the Lord would open window of the ark one day telling Th r se to fly very far very far towards infidel shores carrying with her the little olive branch Now this is true evangelist at heart and can she preach She often talks about realizing her vocation for the foreign missions As a convert from Islam into Christianity I had to leave my family and was exiled from my homeland Egypt I feel Th r se can relate to my situation as she says in a child like manner that He ie Jesus has given her the attraction for a complete exile p218 In her heart she knew that she is not to make lodging here but her real home is indeed heaven We leave our homelands where we have had roots all along and then for the sake of the cross we have to be pulled out of all this be called to a different kind of citizenship to be a citizen of Heaven my real home where my ultimate loyalty restsI loved her honesty as she like some of us struggled with concepts of faith and how she wondered if heaven was real She was evidently intelligent and she struggled with the realness of some Christian concepts while she herself was full of heaven and her focus was heaven ward all along That is one thing I love about the saints they are not ashamed to express struggles and doubts and this helps us in many ways to relate to them and take them for close friends Her littleness was the secret of her spiritual uniueness and I believe she got her inspiration from the mouth of Eternal Wisdom speaking in the Holy Bible Whoever is a LITTLE ONE let him come to me Proverbs 9 4What about people who aggravate us and keep giving us a hard time Does Th r se have something to say to us from her own experience Well she share that in her Community there was a Sister who had the faculty of displeasing her in everything in her ways in her words her character everything seemed disagreeable to her Yet despite all that Th r se insists she must be very pleasing to God and this should count for a lot Everytime Th r se met her she prayed to God for her offering Him all her virtues and merits Th r se says I felt this was pleasing to Jesus for there is no artist who doesn t love to receive praise for his works and Jesus the Artist of souls is happy when we don t stop at the exterior but penetrating into the inner sanctuary where He chooses to dwell we admire its beauty Whenever Th r se was tempted to answer her back in a disagreeable manner I was content with giving her the most friendly smile and with changing the subject of the conversation as it says in the Imitation It is better to love each one in his own opinion than to enter into arguments The Imitation of Christ III 44 1 Finally this Sister got curious and one day at recreation she asked Th r se in almost these words Would you tell me Sister Th r se of the Child Jesus what attracts you so much toward me every time you look at me I see you smile Th r se explains that what attracted her was Jesus hidden in the depths of her soul Jesus who makes sweet what is most bitter Then she answered her that she was smiling because she was so happy to see her While we hope to do great things for the Lord and be mightily used by Him as the clich phrase goes and we should give our best for the Lord and His work Th r se teaches us that she is just delighted to be a little brush in the hands of the great Artist p 235 The brush can t boast of the masterpiece produced with it She explains An artist doesn t use only one brush but needs at least two the first is the useful and with it he applies the general tints and covers the canvas entirely in a very short time the other the smaller one he uses for details Then she tells her mother that she is the precious brush the hand of Jesus lovingly holds when He wishes to do a great work in the soul of her children while she Th r se is the very small brush He deigns to use afterward for the smallest details I will always fondly remember her she who was a soul winner and believed in her effective role as a Christian in praying people into the Kingdom Her intercessory prayers never go in vain She believed in a God who draws all people to Himself and we are actively involved in His work and she could boldly pray as Jesus pray and see her role in the mission of the Father Many a friend of mine who have told me how she has impacted them greatly in the beginning of their monastic vocation and she is so indispensable to their spiritual growth What sheer joy and sheer delight

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Tion first published in 1975 is now accepted as the standard throughout the English speaking world. Until reading this book all I d ever known of St Th r se was roses I knew that she was associated with flowers was known as the little flower and was often depicted with a crown or an armful of roses I d heard her great promises to send down blessings like a shower of roses after death From all this I guess I d drawn up an image of a soft sweet saint permanently transported by her love for Christ How wrong I wasHer turn of phrase may be a little uaint or cutesie at times although it s hard to know how much of that was the translator I was reading an older translation from the 50s by Ronald Knox but Th r se was a woman of pure iron always willing and in fact eager for any kind of suffering She was anything but saccharine she was practical thoughtful and deeply canny She figured out the trick to sainthood if there can be such a thing to offer every ordinary everyday circumstance of her life to God Nothing was too small for her to hand over to Him The other great surprise was that she was so like me Not in virtue of course but in her experience of faith How heartening to discover that such a great saint had such the exact same difficulties I ve had Th r se felt empty in prayer Th r se struggled to say the rosary with proper devotion Th r se found the people around her incredibly annoying Th r se doubted the existence of heaven so much that the thought of it became torture to her And it never stopped her she didn t fall into the trap of feeling unworthy and falling away from prayer because of her shortcomings Instead she recognised them as an opportunity to rely heavily on God What absolute spiritual genius Although I m sure she would say that the genius was that of the Holy Spirit I feel bad for battering my mother s copy of this book by having it in my bag constantly for the last month I m definitely going to have to get my own because I m going to need to reread it

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Sic read by millions and translated into over fifty five languages John Clarke's acclaimed transla. A sweet story I didn t like the book as well as I thought I would though I think I just can t relate to someone as doted on as Therese was I kept thinking what a wuss she was and then feeling bad that I thought such a thing about someone who became a saint I ll admit that in the end she was not a wuss at all The best thing I got out of the book is that God gives everyone the ability to be a saint in hisher own way and doesn t expect anyone to be a saint in the way that anyone else did Which is a great relief actually

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    I can't remember the first time I read this but I think it was in high school Dear St Thérèse was my Confirmation saint so I wanted to read her autobiography I remember being blown away by her simple and yet powerful approach to sanctity It IS the Gospel so gentle humble meek and Christian and not even difficult in a way except that I kept

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    Well this book has been such an emotional experience for me I guess I have now come full circle from my early childhood version of G

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    I have always heard of her and didn't know what to make of her I read uotes here and there and didn't catch my attention much Since I have begun reading her autobiography I have been completely absorbed and taken by every

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    I am torn in my reaction to this book With all of our knowledge of psychiatric illnesses today we would probably medicate Therese and send her to therapy due to her hallucinations visions and at least from the tone of Manuscript A her self abs

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    A fascinating book written by St Therese herself Not for everyone but a most interesting book

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    A sweet story I didn't like the book as well as I thought I would though I think I just can't relate to someone as doted on as Therese was I kept thinking what a wuss she was and then feeling bad that I thought such a thing about someone who became a saint I'll admit that in the end she was not a wuss at all The best thi

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    Reason for Reading Our church has been run by the Carmelites for over 100 years Our priests are Carmelites and we have a statutory of St Therese in the building I was much intrigued about her little way' and after watching the recen

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    Until reading this book all I’d ever known of St Thérèse was roses I knew that she was associated with flowers was kno

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    This book itself is amazingThe translation of this book is prettywell I found places where it was off On page 220221 the translator has no clue what she means by the Church Militant the Church Suffering and the Church Triumphant so h

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    Began reading this book a little begrudgingly as St Therese of Lisieux just never really appealed to me My opin