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Stars So Sweet All Four Stars #3

Ris Gladys and Aunt Lydia try one last ruse to fool her editor at the Standard but even with her aunt’s help Gladys just can’t manage the drama of middle school and a secret life It’s time for Gladys to be true to herself and honest with her friends and family regardless of what those around her thin Did you find this review helpful Find of my reviews at Pop Goes The Reader She was trying to help her friends see the bright side but at the same time the pit of worry that had entered her stomach in the schoolyard now felt like it was sprouting into a full grown tree of anxiety Two classes with Charissa and none with Parm left a whole lot of classes with zero friends Her parents would surely advise her to make new ones but Gladys would rather tackle a hundred difficult new recipes than force herself to talk to one new personGoodbye East Dumpsford Elementary Hello Dumpsford Township Middle School As summer comes to a close and culinary wunderkind Gladys Gatsby prepares for the first day of seventh grade a new school will soon be the least of her worries as Gladys contends with new clubs new commitments new friends and enemies new rules and new beginnings With her plate increasingly full and her status as the New York Standard s preeminent restaurant critic still a carefully guarded secret Gladys will have to work harder than ever before as she faces her most difficult challenges yet She couldn t help but think back to the way her classmates mostly girls used to make fun of her love of arugula And that was just a salad green Now Sandy actually wanted to have a reputation at his school for eating gross foodsBoys were weirdReading Tara Dairman s Stars So Sweet the third and final instalment in the author s throughly enchanting All Four Stars middle grade series was an incredibly bittersweet experience For the last three years a new release from Dairman has been one of the highlights of my summer and while I was eager to embark on another adventure with Gladys Gatsby I couldn t help but grow sad that this novel would mark our final journey together That said as things heat up in and out of the kitchen I can think of no better way to bid adieu to this scrumptious series than Stars So Sweet a tasty morsel that s good to the last bite and proves to be the author s sweetest book yet Gladys sighed It was great to have her talents appreciated especially since it was a feeling she didn t always get at home But it didn t feel so great to know Fiona s admiration was still based on a big deception If Fiona knew how truly uniue Gladys voice was would she still be so interested in having her at the paper full timeOver committed and under a great deal of pressure the stakes have never been higher for Gladys Gatsby as she is forced to juggle academic personal and professional considerations Faced with the prospect of a new assignment AND a potential promotion Gladys unintentional deception and secret double life culminate in a taut exciting adventure that will leave readers on the edge of their seat until the very last page What will happen when Gladys tells her editor and her parents the truth Will her dreams be over before they ever truly begun Only time will tell as Gladys is forced to use every ounce of her courage creativity and tenacity to determine what the future holds It is not what challenges Gladys faces however but how she faces them that truly define her Even when she feels as though a live fish was flopping around in her stomach or like a single chocolate chip drowning in a huge bowl of cookie batter Gladys never fails to meet each and every challenge head on with careful measured judgement and a little extra help and advice from her friends Seeing your goals is the first step But reaching them often reuires taking many She approached Gladys desk again The good news is that you don t need to see the entire path clearly to set out on it you just need to see a few feet ahead of you Stars So Sweet also sees the return of some of the series most familiar and beloved secondary characters including Parm Singh Sandy Anderson Charissa Bentley Fiona Inglethorpe and everyone s favourite literary prodigy and author of the best selling novel Zombietown USA Hamilton Herbertson One of the things readers can appreciate most about Dairman s supporting cast is that each feels like the main character in their own right with feelings aspirations and desires independent of that of the protagonist In Stars So Sweet Sandy s busy working on cementing his legacy as the Gross Out King and The Boy Who ll Eat Anything at St Joseph s Academy Parm is struggling to raise enough money to allow the girls soccer team to attend the regional tournament in Pennsylvania Charissa is attempting to balance one too many extracurricular activities and Hamilton is trying his best to live a normal life Perhaps best of all much to my surprise and delight Stars So Sweet also includes LGBT content as Dairman explores how one of the secondary characters has a crush on another character of the same sex This revelation is handled with a great deal of thought and sensitivity and creates a wonderful opportunity for young readers to speak with their parents about the importance of inclusivity diversity and the beauty of love in any form She had spent the afternoon at Rolanda s house working on the mask cookies with the Drama Club Several of the other members actually had baking experience which should have made the undertaking go smoothly and it did for a while until everyone started belting out show tunes from Phantom Of The Opera Gladys left the house with both a splitting headache and an intense desire to send the chandelier in Rolanda s dining room crashing down on every screeching warbling Andrew Lloyd Webber fan thereOver the course of the All Four Stars trilogy Tara Dairman has fostered a greater awareness of and appreciation for the role food plays in our lives encouraging young readers to be unafraid to expand their palate and be adventuresome in their culinary choices From exploring the intricacies of Salvadoran Cuban and Peruvian cuisine to unusual dried meat delicacies like emu camel yak kangaroo and alligator Stars So Sweet continues this tradition managing to both entertain and educate as Gladys is exposed to a wide variety of foodstuffs from around the world As was the case with the previous instalments in the series however readers should be warned against devouring Stars So Sweet on an empty stomach as from grilled swordfish dressed with tomato and saffron coulis to rosewater flan the author s descriptions of the delectable dishes Gladys encounters on her adventures are as vivid and as mouthwatering as ever Sparkling dialogue clever chapter titles Lobster Lockdown In Hot Water Pie In The Sky A Sour Note and creative twists on ubiuitous icons like Hell s Kitchen and Shakespeare s Macbeth ensure that the overall narrative voice is as charming effervescent and fun as ever Most importantly Dairman never condescends to her audience instead trusting them to pick up on the subtleties of the text particularly the valuable lessons about honestly responsibility and diversity Stars So Sweet so delicately touches upon She steeled herself She could ace this test She would ace this test She would prove her identity and at the same time prove to her doubting editor that kids could appreciate than just chicken fingers and ketchupWhat can I possibly say about this wonderful wondrous series that I haven t said already Stars So Sweet and its predecessors deserve all four stars and then some as Tara Dairman proves once and for all that there is no age limit on a truly exceptional story Whether you re young or young at heart readers of all ages will be able to delight in the hijinks and hilarity of the adventures of Gladys Gatsby as she takes on everything from bake sales and middle school dances to journalistic integrity and entrepreneurial enterprises In Gladys accomplished middle grade author Tara Dairman has crafted a character as timeless as delightful and as loveable as any created for this or any other age group and one that can stand proudly shoulder to shoulder with the Harriet M Welschs and Sara Crewes of the world Three cheers for Gladys GatsbyPlease Note All uotations included in this review have been taken from an advance reader copy and therefore might be subject to change

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Es for a face to face meeting to discuss opportunities with the paper Gladys knows she must finally come clean to her parents But her perfectly planned reveal is put on hold when her parents arrive home with a surprise  her Aunt Lydia one of the only adults who knows her secret fresh off the plane from Pa As with the other entries in the series I m rounding up a half star from my true opinion I do think there s a lot of appeal and good values in these for kids I found them to be repetitious wordy and am glad I m done And I did have to keep telling myself suspend disbelief read it like a fairy tale Very glad of the satisfying ending to the trilogy But there were random problems too Too much romance imo for 12 yo seventh graders A random snarky comment about Rolanda learning a lot about Shakespeare only because she joined Drama Club but wait isn t that how it s supposed to work Gladys complaining because she only has three good friends bothered me tooI won t read on if Dairman decides to keep going unless she completely changes the pov to that of Charissa Parm or SandyETA I looked at some of the other reviews The ppl who gave this few stars had a problem with one of the characters being revealed as lesbian Um lady that girl is not the evil one you are And to think you re poisoning your children with that view How very sad

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Joan Bauer meets Ruth Reichl in this charming middle grade foodie series As the summer winds down and Gladys Gatsby prepares to start middle school she is nervous about juggling schoolwork and looming deadlines from her secret job as the New York Standard’s youngest restaurant critic When her editor push This review is from my fifth grade daughterThe book was like my moms super delicious brownies The suspense and conflict was the books sugar and butter I finished it in one day it was so good Tara Dairmen s third book was even better than Mrs Anderson s infamous brownies

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    This review is from my fifth grade daughterThe book was like my moms super delicious brownies The suspense and conflict was the books sugar and butter I finished it in one day it was so good Tara Dairmen's third book was even better than Mrs Anderson's infamous brownies

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    Creatively written and in great step with the previous 2 books of the series Still fun to read I still love the foodie aspect original idea compared to other MG books Disappointed with the slight twist of 1 character at the end the detail was unnecessary and a book spoiler especially when this series started out delightful than ot

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    Another wonderful funny heartwarming book in this fantastic series I loved following our lovable heroine Gladys on her foodie adventures this time as she navigates middle school I feel so much fondness for the characters both familiar and new and I loved seeing them grow and change and rise to meet life's challenges My fav

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    Liked book very much overall Did not like twist taken by one character at end

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    As with the other entries in the series I'm rounding up a half star from my true opinion I do think there's a lo

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    decided to go through the reviews before starting it and most of the 12 star ones are homophobic af going to report all of them but go

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    What I Loved Gladys’s passion for cooking and all things foodie is front and center in the narrative as it has been in the last two books Her diverse group of friends and their differing personalities and uirks are part of the action as we

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    Pretty big changes Lots of truth telling My favorite was when Gladys gets to confer with her 6th grade teacher again I'm

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    Did you find this review helpful Find of my reviews at Pop Goes The Reader She was trying to help her friends see the bright side – but at the same time the pit of worry that had entered her stomach in the schoolyard now felt like

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    I was disappointed with this conclusion to the series I guess maybe only Indiana Jones is best in the third installment While most of the book was enjoyable enough a few things stuck with me after finishingFor me far too much focus o

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