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Second Chances Soulmate

Ld resent her as she resented her stepmotherShe could not go against her father's wishes because he was a prominent business Tycoon and her refusal would ultimately cause degradation to her family She was afraid of disappointing her father and being a disgrace to him However Samara would learn soon that no matter how hard you try the past always catches up with y. Samara wakes up in Hunters bed as no clue who he is or what happened at the club she was at celebrating her friend Emily s bday Well all of sudden they hit it off and Samara knows she loves Hunter on her 21 st birthday Hunter tells her he can t love her he has to marry someone else Years go by and Samara had to wed the man her father set her up to marry and guess who it is it s Hunter But is Hunter anything that Samara thought he was Will they both stop with there stubbornness and tell each other the truth Tons of drama and love in this book I loved it Besides wanting to slap Hunter myself lol great book deserves 5 beautiful ending stars I received this book for a unbiased review

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As arranged to marry the son of his potential new business partner in London that she had no clue about She was not even shown a photograph of him Was he ugly was he bald was he fatTo make things worse she was not only marrying a complete stranger but she was becoming a mother to his young son She was not ready to take on either role She wondered if the child wou. I enjoyed getting to know a new culture and see how they do things different than we do I thought this book started out slow but it does take off keeping the reader s attention It really is an emotional read with the author covering many issues It must really be hard for a culture where the man s word is law thinking that your children will marry within the race only to find they do not Samara father is a very bullhead man with his beliefs The author covers interracial marriage and the family dealing with it Falling in love only to have it taken away in the most hurtful way rebuilding you life only to have it be torn down again One night of tying one on finds two people in bed not knowing how they got there or what happen The author takes you through them getting to know each other and building a relationship to it being torn down leaving the reader guessing what happen in a short time period Life goes on as each build a new life One day Samara father said this is who you will marry never even getting to know the man or even see his face until after the wedding Here the author gives Samara as well as the readers a shock For me this is really where the story took offI found the first part of the book confusing with Samara calling her parents by their real name and not mother or father or what the India would call them for me this was a turn off It took me a little while to understand these where her parents and not another character The author uses filler that really doesn t have much to do with the story just adds a little to it I thought Samara forgave Yash a little too fast one minute she wants nothing to do with him has a bad dream when coming out of it she is all over him I thought he over reacted about his son being sick but that is just me it does add to the story The author does give you lots of drama love passion lots of misunderstandings but who wouldn t misunderstand most of what these characters go through I enjoyed watching Hunter and Samara fall in love They have a lot of fun which really gets the reader into the read Their break up was heart breaking to watch and a little confusing After that night we fast forward three years to her father telling her who she will marry She is a good daughter even though she doesn t want to marry she begs pleaded but gives in She never meets the man she will marry doesn t even see him until after the wedding and then all hell breaks loose Yash is something else for sure even downright hateful but he does have a softer side You are left wondering why he even married her if he hates her There is a little confusion here for Samara and the reader but all comes out and it does end in a HAE but these characters will have to work on it it does not come easy Both are bullheaded wanting understanding without giving reason We do not get to know what happen on the night Hunter and Samara meet there is a film of that footage but neither Samara or the reader will find the answer to that I think it would have added a lot to the story had we gotten to read about it But it is still a mystery I did enjoy the characters and had a lot of fun watching them fall in love Their break up really hits you in the heart leaving you with uestion that will be answer at the end Watching Samara go through marrying Yash gets you right in your heart as the story goes on you are left knowing the answer but when you truly find it your mouth is hanging open The pain of the marriage honeymoon and going home you really feel My heart went out to both of them I really love Samara she is truly a sweet and caring character Hunter I fell in love with him from the start he wasn t liked to much as he broke Samara heart with his playing ways Yash I didn t know what to think when I first really saw him I loved him but as I got to know him I didn t care to much for him He is just downright hateful but it is understandable when one is protecting ones heart You will fall in love with him as the story unfolds As the end comes your heart is broken all over again with all these characters had to go through to find true love There is someone out there for everyone If you do not find it the first time sometimes you get a second chance at finding your true soul mate Even with the above issues I had I found this to be a good read at times a little confusing but I really enjoyed it After the wedding is really what gave this a 4 stars it really pulls on your heart I enjoyed the writing style of the author she gives you wonderful characters that really stick in your mind By the time I was over half way through I couldn t put it down I had to know who how and why I enjoyed learning a little about this authors culture I found it very interesting If nothing else these character have learn that communication is the key to a happy HEA and I feel sure they will not let their past mistake every happen again I was glad to see Samara father grow and embrace his whole family It is a shame when family turns their back on each other just because of the person they fall in love with Yash s mother is something else she needs to take some calming pills but she does come aroundFor the most part this was a good read with a very good plot that does hold you interest after awhile Once the author gives you something to grab on to you do find yourself invested I do look forward to reading from this author and watching her grow in her writing I hope you give her books a read I think a lot of readers will enjoy it

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This book has been immensely amended due to all the advice received from the readers Imagine waking up in bed next to a strangerNAKED and the night was a mystery to the both of you Samara thought that she had found her soulmate Hunter until that one shattering night when fate had played a cruel game on her and he broke her heartBecause of her pompous father she w. A fair debut though lacking in plot and arc Lachman has written an organic prose that highlights the symbiosis between the very traditional Indian and British cultures unfortunately these lovely insights provided little than gloss A gloss that was severely marred by the author s narrative and simplistic expositionA one night stand involving the protagonists an arranged marriage an old flame bearing the dreaded oops I m pregnant bomb antagonistic parents in law seemingly bi polar male protagonist throw in the misogynistic and racist father and what we have are the reuirements for a solid story but we were given something far mercurialIt was a mess The author lost control of her characters who in turn led us on an escalator ride of misunderstandings lies and just plain stupiditySamara and Yash met in Yash s bed the morning after a drunken night with neither having a good grasp on the events that had transpired between them to the point they did not know each other s names or if they had sex and sadly this reader remains unenlightened of said events despite having finished the bookIt seems Lachman needed a gasp worthy opening but neglected to provide a resolution I was extremely upset with Samara not for the one night stand but for placing herself in such a dangerous situation That Yash ended up being a beautiful should be a Calvin Klein model who drives a Bugatti does not excuse her stupidity She could have been raped or worse murdered Admittedly for me this did nothing to endear either of them and their story suddenly was not something I wanted to read and although I finished it I had never been so glad to read the last word of a bookNotwithstanding that I disliked this I m still willing to read books by this author

About the Author: Racheal Lachman

Racheal Lachman was born in Durban South Africa to two wonderful loving parents and a sister She married her soulmate Sunil and they have a beautiful daughter together Tashiana Her jobs include being a Legal Secretary a Wife a Mama and now an Author Her childhood dream was to be able to put her imagination into words In 2014 Racheal had an epiphany and her fingers co

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    A fair debut though lacking in plot and arc Lachman has written an organic prose that highlights the symbiosis between the very traditional Indian and British cultures; unfortunately these lovely insights provided little than gloss A

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    I enjoyed the story of these two people that believe they have no future It is a sweet story in many ways yet there is a h

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    My honest reviewI absolutely lov

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    Second Chances Soulmate is book one in Now Forever and Always series by Rachael Lachman It is set in India and in London The book is interesting in that you get a slight feel for the Indian culture through the characters This is the first book I have read that gives a hint of the Indian culture This made it much interesting The book has so many emotions in it that you must have a box of tissues when reading it It is al

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    I enjoyed getting to know a new culture and see how they do things different than we do I thought this book started out slow but it does take off keeping the reader’s attention It really is an emotional read with the aut

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    I was given this book for an unbiased reviewThe Prologue caught my attention made me accept an arc copy of the book It's a contemporary romance The story is set in both India London Samara wakes up in a stranger

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    Great Love StoryI usually woulda not read this type of book I like when the characters tell the story themselves But this little lov

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    I received an ARC for an honest review from the author Thanks to Racheal for a great readThis was a great story Yash and Samara fall

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    Samara wakes up in Hunters bed as no clue who he is or what happened at the club she was at celebrating her friend Emily's bday Well all of sudden they hit it off and Samara knows she loves Hunter on her 21'st birthday Hunter tells her he ca

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    Too much miscommunication in this book that it gave me a major headache Both the hero and heroine were such tools throughout the whole book that I couldn't find any liking or attachment towards them If they both just shut up and talked to each other without assumptions and interruptions they could have saved each other a lot of trouble I get it those miscommunication where suppose to give readers angst through

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