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    I read this book long long ago came across it while going through a book list here on Goodreads and suddenly felt the urge to post a reviewDear Kunta KinteWe are separated by time space and culture Throughout your largely tragic li

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    Roots The Saga of an American Family Roots Alex Haley Roots The Saga of an American Family is a novel written by Alex Haley and first published in 1976 Roots tells the story of Kunta Kinte—a young man taken from the Gambia when he was seventeen and sold as a slave—and seven generations of his descendants in the United States Kunta a Mandinka living by the River Gambia has a difficult but free childhood in his villag

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    This book was astonishing to me particularly the narrative of Kunta Kinte's life This is why I read What an amazing description of African culture and the rights of manhood Then the horrible violation of slavery and the cross cultural experience of an African joining slaves who were predominately born in the United State

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    I remember watching the mini series of this book on TV around the same time we were studying about early American history

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    Magnificent The epic chronicle of a family through many generations of cruelty hardship and suffering But it's much than that really; it's the history of slavery in America What happened to the characters in this book happened to millions of others and it's a story that needed to be told and Alex Haley did a masterful job of telling it Roots should be reuired reading in high schools because all of us regardless of age r

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    I was only 8 when Roots came out and my family being of the average racist variety in Florida at the time we di

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    I honestly can't believe how much I enjoyed this book It's been sitting on my shelf for about half a year now and I've been wanting to read it as soon as I got it I always just started another book though and alw

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    I don't know why I've never read this book before now It's excellent Yes as a Midwestern middle aged white person the repeated use of the N word was jarring but definitely necessary to the story It got a point across that I don't t

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    I loved both the book and movie versions of this powerful historical saga I will never forget the indomitable Kunta Kinte This book ch

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    I am at least a fifth generation genealogist I was ten when this book was first published and made into a miniseries But I was allowed to stay up that entire week of January 23 – January 30 1977 to watch it in its entirety I thought the cast did an excellent job To this day I still believe that the book was much better than the movie But as Dr Henry Louis Gates Jr once pointed out Most of us feel it's highly unlikely

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Miles of travel across three continents to find it but finally in an astonishing feat of genealogical detective work he discovered not only the name of the African Kunta Kinte but the precise location of Juffure the very village in The Gambia West Africa from which he was abducted in 1767 at the age of sixteen and taken on the Lord Ligonier to Maryland and sold to a Virginia planterHaley has talked in Juffure with his own African sixth cousins On September 29 1967 he stood on the dock in Annapolis where his great great great great grandfather was taken ashore on September 29 1767 Now he has written the monumental two century drama of Kunta Kinte and the six generations who came aft. I was only 8 when Roots came out and my family being of the average racist variety in Florida at the time we did not watch it on TV in 1977 In the meantime I did a lot of work to unroot that racism I was brought up with and read widely Alice Walker Toni Morrison Toni Cade Bambara Zora Neale Hurston Malcolm X Ralph Ellison etc but until now some 43 years later I read Roots by Alex Haley It was a moving experience particularly the middle passage of Kunta Kinta from La Gambia to Napolis which I found particularly horrifying In the coda Chapter 120 Alex Haley says that he purposefully took a freighter along that same route sleeping in the hold nearly naked on a wooden plank Hardcore Now there were several lawsuits one of which Haley lost for plagiarism of parts of Roots This did bother me a little bit but it didn t take away from the narrativeRoots is the story of Alex Haley s family from his ancestor Kunta Kinte who was captured in The Gambia in West Africa and enslaved in Virginia It is grueling and violent and definitely a critical read for understanding the history of slavery and the horrors of being considered less than human The first third of the book is a gorgeous description of life in Africa for the young Kunta Then we follow his life in America as a slave followed by that of his daughter Kizzy her son Chicken George and his son Tom all ancestors of author Alex Haley The horrors of slavery are laid out in plain view and anyone that reads this and does not come away with a sick feeling in their soul and a total lack of sympathy for rebels and other mythology panderers for the lost Confederacy has not really read the book There was absolutely nothing redeemably about slavery and no moral reason whatsoever to defend its many many waves of abuse The Civil War was indeed about slavery at its core regardless of what the racist revisionists wish to sayI felt that the 1977 Roots was a bit dated watching a bit of it now 43 years later However I would highly highly recommend the 2016 version from the History Channel It was riveting and beautifully shot It takes some liberties with the text but they are interesting diversions and interpretations and do not detract or demean Haley s work My French born son who was largely unfamiliar with the history of slavery other than the recent George Floyd outcry was moved deeply by this show which he also admitted was education His statement Slavery was really shit dad pretty much sums it up

Summary Roots By Alex Haley

Roots By Alex Haley

Er him slaves and freedmen farmers and blacksmiths lumber mill workers and Pullman porters lawyers and architects and one authorBut Haley has done than recapture the history of his own family As the first black American writer to trace his origins back to their roots he has told the story of 25000000 Americans of African descent He has rediscovered for an entire people a rich cultural heritage that slavery took away from them along with their names and their identities But Roots speaks finally not just to blacks or to whites but to all people and all races everywhere for the story it tells is one of the most elouent testimonials ever written to the indomitability of the human spiri. I loved both the book and movie versions of this powerful historical saga I will never forget the indomitable Kunta Kinte This book changed my very sheltered teenage world view Decades later I am now reading Esi Edugyan s Washington Black and once again I am brought face to face with humanity s truly awful dark side I have to read these gut wrenching novels in bits and pieces because my poor aging heart can no longer take so much horror in one long sittingWith the perspective of time and and my own life experience and after reading Roots and many other historical novels I ve come to realize this We humans constantly abuse POWER whether it comes in the form of money position or some other sort of bestowed privilege There have been rebellions throughout history attempting to redress the imbalance caused by all the abuses of power in this world I used to read historical novels almost exclusively during my teens and twenties but as I entered my thirties and forties I became jaded and I turned to historical novels less and less We don t ever seem to learn our lessons do we History just keeps repeating itself in a timeless loop only the costumes players and settings seem to changeLately I ve been listening to Simon and Garfunkel s The Sound of Silence as performed by the group Disturbed Silence like a cancer grows so very true Our silence our complacency allows people like Trump to become our Neon Gods Because so many of us are afraid to think for ourselves we surrender to what is fed to us by the media and other prevailing dogma We have to examine all the crutches that so many of us need in this life a religion or philosophy to believe in and blindly follow stockpiles of money so we can build a false sense of security or create temporary happiness by indulging in luxurious status symbols phones cars mc mansions brand name clothes and our consumption of food alcohol and drugs often to excess I am just as guilty of all of thisThose of us who love to retreat into the world of books need to support authors like Esi Edugyan Alex Hailey and countless others who shine the stark light of truth on man s historical and ongoing inhumanity to man Reading helps us to examine diverse thoughts and viewpoints Hopefully we can evolve our own notions of what we need to do to co exist with tolerance and forgiveness Keep reading lest we forget

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When he was a boy in Henning Tennessee Alex Haley's grandmother used to tell him stories about their family stories that went back to her grandparents and their grandparents down through the generations all the way to a man she called the African She said he had lived across the ocean near what he called the Kamby Bolongo and had been out in the forest one day chopping wood to make a drum when he was set upon by four men beaten chained and dragged aboard a slave ship bound for Colonial AmericaStill vividly remembering the stories after he grew up and became a writer Haley began to search for documentation that might authenticate the narrative It took ten years and a half a million. I read this book long long ago came across it while going through a book list here on Goodreads and suddenly felt the urge to post a reviewDear Kunta KinteWe are separated by time space and culture Throughout your largely tragic life you would never have imagined that your story would ever be written let alone read by a bookish teenager in far away India for whom slavery till that day was only a fact learned from school textbooks mucked up to pass hated history exams However Mr Kinte you would be pleased to know that reading your story penned by your descendant Mr Alex Haley changed his whole outlook He suffered with you MrKinte as you lay chained up in the dark and dank hold of the slaving vessel he felt the searing pain as your foot was cut off as punishment for trying to run away he choked back the bitter disappointment along with you when your master told you that the money you had saved up was not enough to buy you freedom namely that you were too poor to pay for what you were worthand he suffered the agony of separation with you as your daughter was sold off And that teenager hung his head in shame as he thought of similar atrocities perperated by his forefathers in the name of casteMrKinte that day the boy took a vow never ever to insult the dignity of another human being also not forget these crimes against humanity lest they be repeatedMrKinte I am that boy I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lessons your story taught meYours sincerelyNandakishore Varma