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On gaining position and land sometimes under false pretense and bravado He takes a post in France meets and greets with dignitaries solely to satisfy his longing for attention and exposure to the finer things in life but eventually finds this boring and wants action in the new America once againAlways uick to point out.

Free download Portrait of a Scoundrel

Portrait of a Scoundrel

His misunderstood nature he really does not see the wrong he does Potrait is not only a literal portrait that is made of him but a symbolic one He is flawed to the point of being a scoundrel However his antics are charming; not vulgar or crass just the type of things an uncle or cousin would do before he would wind up ja.

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In Portrait the main character Nathaniel Greenlee is obsessed with making it big in any fashion he can in the early days of colonial America circa 1790 1830 He even goes so far as faking his own death He goes into real estate hob nobs if indirectly with the big names of his time Washington and Adams and bases his success.

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