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If you are looking for a great book on Christian living you've found one Phanuel Muverengwi has been a Christian for over two decades now Over this period Phanuel has learnt a lot about walking with Jesus Christ his Lord and Saviour Phanuel has also with time had to unlearn some of the teachings that he had received as God continued to straighten his understanding of the Christian doctrine From his personal experiences and observations Phanuel has carefully prepared a number of insightful teachings on the Christian life a

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The Book of Christian Inspiration

Tian short read helpful You can read this ebook FREE on 's Kindle Unlimited The good news is that Kindle Unlimited has a 30 day FREE trial which you could take advantage of right away So why not You could be reading this great ebook in a minute From the author of the following inspirational short reads • The Book of Romans; • Living the Christian Life; • Why My Life Matters; • Shades of Hypocrisy; • The Little Book on Worry; • Inspirational Short Sermons for Your Next Level in Christ Jesus; and • Your Succes

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S the Lord led him He has now selected some of his best teachings and published them in this book to the end that you may learn from his experiences and hopefully be edified by the same Salvation – being born again is just the entry point into the Christian life Ahead of the Christian is a specific road to be walked and a specific life to be lived It is important to walk with the Lord; it is therefore critically important to know how to walk with Him and also how to walk with people I trust that you will find this Chris

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