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Project Mendel

Ke humanity a step closer to perfection Dr Eve Fyfe a stem cell scientist signed onto Project Mendel to heal the sick Around the city the homeless are disappearing; orphans are reported mi

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Ssing in record numbers The doctor's research produces amazing and horrific side effects She's reporting them But no one is listening Because once in Project Mendel always in Project Mende

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Pittsburgh Pa 2030 It is a brave new post war world A world where parents can not only choose the sex of their child but their eye color hair color and talents Project Mendel decides to ta

3 thoughts on “Project Mendel

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    The year is 2030 A global war has totally changed society and the democratic freedoms we currently take for grant

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    While it kept my interest I was somewhat annoyed by the writing style

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    Fast paced and original premise I love a world gone mad with scientists bent on changing humanity

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