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They have this dream of meeting the One falling in love getting married maybe having a few kids and then living happily ever afterBut what happens when you're forced to marry someone who is not theOne but a complete stranger with obsidian eyes a charming smile and a rotten pers This was a seriously toxic relationship

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Unholy Matrimony

Onality How does this stranger fit into your life as you try and overcome loss grief and regret in the wake of a terrible tragedy Follow the story of Talia and Tobias Anderson as they navigate the life of two people married against their will in what is called an Unholy Matrimon It s an interesting story got me rooted

Summary Unholy Matrimony

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    I recommend this book to EVERYONE thinks for a momentMy mom's gonna kill me for spoiling EVERYONE BUT THIS IS A DECENT BOOKITS H APPROVEDPs I love you tobias♥He's real I know he isH STAMP💘 H ♥

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    xxinlove Who says that we can have only 1 love in our life You're the 2nd love of my life That's the only thing about this webnovel On one hand Talia is struggling to move on from her utmost pain in her life on the other hand Tobias her arranged husband firstly ignores her for months after their marriage complete

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    Honestly one of the best book that I've ever read I never liked reading much before I read u holy matrimony I read in class in the car everywhere I went uite frankly Once I went to the beach with my family and I

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    Its a highly recommendable book This book will take you through a roller coaster ride of emotions It beautifully talks about a very sensitive topic like suicide The author has done justice to this topic in her book

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    why am i rereading these wattpad stories idfk

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    This was a seriously toxic relationship

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    I was currently reading this book using the outdated wattpad version

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    It's an interesting story got me rooted

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    Tobi and Talia show me what you have got Am so so loving this book

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    I waNt to read this bookPlease tell me how to proceed

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