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Adventures in shopping malls Be witness to the Fourth Doctor's battles against a murderous fury in modern London and a savage gangster war in 1950's Las Vegas The Third Doctor's lovehate relationship with a clever white witch and his perpetual game of chess with an old foe The Second Doctor's encounters with Hollywood legends and time traveling filmmakers The Fifth Doctor's adventures in a Florida retreat The Eighth Doctor's sabbatical in the fine arts with Leonardo da Vinci And the personal demons the wandering Time Lord faced before he left Gallifrey before the mythos beganThe adventures span the universe The Master's fiendish plot against a people in Paradise The daring uest of the rogue Tharil Time Lord Romana Anji Kapoor's near miss with the Sixth Doctor The horrific truth behind the transformation of Kam.

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Missing Pieces

Love may be only a story but stories are the greatest things in the worldFrom the dawn of time to the end of everything the Doctor has fought against evil challenged the darkness righted wrongs and saved the occasional planet from disaster And now together with his faithful companions and his trusty TARDIS the mysterious Time Lord from Gallifrey ventures forth on an all new campaign for truth freedom and a hot cup of tea in this landmark charity collection featuring contributions from four actors from the long running series over thirty professionally published writers sixty prominent fan writers and a plethora of talented artistsJoin the First Doctor as he witnesses the Charge of the Light Brigade; the Seventh Doctor as he faces intrigue in ancient Antioch and injustice in Nazi era Poland; and the Sixth Doctor's.

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Elion The apocryphal adventures of the young handmaiden Katarina Benny Summerfield and her forgotten loves A very peculiar visit with Iris Wildthyme Nyssa's brush with showbusiness Sara Kingdom's last great adventure The timeless relationship between Samantha Jones and the soulmate she left behind A game of golf with the mysterious Dominie and Alice the Doctor and Ace's enigmatic shadows The conundrum of the savage Leela lost among the spires of New York City The secret life of the Whifferdill shapeshifer Frobisher The ancient rage that strikes against the TARDIS itselfStories of intrigue drama action suspense and even a romance or two all in a book featuring all eight television Doctors and nearly every companion from the television series the novels and the audio plays MISSING PIECES is a collection for the age.

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    Yes I totally did write the Fifth Doctor story Irresistible Force in this anthology and I'm still rather fond of it than ten years later It's still on the web if you're curious Apparently I like to write stories about people getting haircuts and terrible things happening in Kitchener Waterloo I have no idea what this says about my psycheAlso I never received my contributor's copy of this anthology so I can't tell you wh

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    I contributed the 1st DoctorSteven story The Breach to this collectionand it seems like oh so long ago I read it now and there are things I would changebut for a story I wrote uickly in a white heat I remain happy with the end result The rest of the collection is full of uite the collection of authorsit's well w

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    I don't remember how I heard about stories being wanted for this anthology though it was most likely through yahoo groups or something I took the title literally and used a throwaway comment to write my First Doctor story regarding the Light Brigade I researched the hell out of it and was so excited when it was acceptedOnce I got my copy I read it cover to cover and I still have it If you're a fan of the show

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