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Characters Masuerade The Turning Vampire Series Book 3

And what's worse her Maker the demon Streigos himself is now on her tail and has threatened the Zjavankas with war Will everything that Marisa and her brothers have worked so hard for all be for nothing Or is there a way to unite the two groups with the truth of the feud before it's too late.

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Masuerade The Turning Vampire Series Book 3

Joining the Council an elite group of vampires who oversaw political affairs was the best decision Marisa and her brothers Alessander Demetri and Ra'vin ever made in order to help bring peace between the Zjavankas and the Streigos two warring vampire factions Being the only vampire who is bo.

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Th a Zjavanka and a Streigos Marisa has managed to hide the scarier gargoyle side of her until now Marisa is turning again and a Streigos doesn't resemble anything close to human How will her brothers protect her from the persecution of the Zjavankas once they find out that she's a Streigos.