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H at last Now on their tenth meeting the relationship will reach its inevitable consummation with an explosive climax It is the end and a new beginning Warning This book contains explicit gay mm content and is suitable for readers 18 and above.

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Every Tuesday afternoon Clyde is given the same choice as he sits alone in the office of a powerful Swiss banker Take control of the meeting and do his job – sell and make his target Or he can put on the blindfold that lies on the desk and c.

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Ede control to Herr Kruger who is waiting in an adjacent room It is the latter Clyde does and each week he is taken further and further along a path of self discovery pain and submission his submissive side so long repressed allowed to flouris.

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    It was a little difficult to get into the story but once I did I liked the plot The sex scene was nice although I wished there were a

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    The author does everything he sets out to do Then stops before the big reveal Bastard

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