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Cio's artistic development with particular attention to the artist's connection to Donatello and Brunelleschi He proposes a new reading of the iconography of the influential Brancacci Chapel and discusses the extent of Filippino Lippi's over painting in the chapel based on information gleaned from recent ultraviolet and infrared photography that appears in this volume Comprehensive and engaging this profusely illustrated exploration of Masaccio's genius opens new lines of inuiry that will be explored for decades to co.

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Bold and realistic the narrative power of Masaccio's entire body of work is explored in this elegant volume In just seven years before his death at the age of twenty six Masaccio 1401 1428 developed a fully naturalistic and dramatic style that inaugurated Renaissance painting His best known work is the fresco cycle in the Brancacci Chapel in Florence painted with Masolino one of the world's artistic landmarks Recently restored these frescoes with all of Masaccio's other works are shown in stunning detail in this volum.

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E An opening essay places the painter in his historical and art historical context emphasizing Masaccio's innovations The second part of the book presents two dozen important paintings in full spread or full page reproductions with enlarged details and annotated brief essays for each The last section is an illustrated catalogue raisonne of all of Masaccio's works from the frescoes on public view in the Brancacci Chapel to other panels in Europe and the United States John T Spike's lucid authoritative text traces Masac.

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