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Sts and artists alike Readers will be inspired by Merian s talent curiosity and grit and will be swept up in the story of her life which was adventurous even by today s standards With its lively text uotations from Merian s own study book and fascinating sidebars on history art and science this volume is an ideal STEAM title for readers of all ages and interests

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Maria Sibylla Merian - Artist, Scientist, Adventurer

Inat the age of thirteen Maria Sibylla Merian began her study of butterfly metamorphosis years before any other scientist published an accurate description of the process Later Merian and her daughter ventured thousands of miles from their home in the Netherlands to the rainforests of South America seeking new and amazing insects to observe and illustrate Years

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After her death Merian s accurate and beautiful illustrations were used by scientists including Carl Linnaeus to classify species and today her prints and paintings are prized by museums around the world More than a dozen species of plants and animals are named after Merian The first Merian biography written for ages and up this book will enchant budding scienti