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At drives a lover into the arms of her uestionable beloved and Tenea D Johnson works a soul stealing spell of magic In Love and Darker Passions edgy and cult fantasy authors combine their talents to make us uestion what inspires love why we crave revenge against those who’ve stolen love from us and why we despair when love’s pain is lo

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Love and Darker Passions

’s spending with his girlfriend Award winning author Karen Duvall sends a Millennial Alice through a very different looking glass and acclaimed author Lee Barwood sends the Sighted bard of her upcoming series into the passionate world of faerie to find a child and a special destiny Bestseller CE Murphy makes her twisted fairytale tell wh

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From the inside flapLove and Darker Passions is a collection of provocative short stories by today’s up and coming authors of dark urban and Gothic fantasy One man falls in love with an ancient monster another becomes enchanted by a voice that drives him to a frenzy of self punishment and another can’t understand three very odd days he

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    Short story collections are a great way to test out new authors without committing to a full length novel Love and Darker Passions offers several top notch stories from both established and emerging authors each one delving into unusual and often frightening relationshipsEdited by Alexis Brooks de Vita and Lee Barwood both of whom

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