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N two congenitally aggressor nations vying for European hegemony if not world dominationLithuania 700 Years is the first book to appear in the English language that not only tells the story of the Lithuanian state but succeeds eminently in explaining the Lithuanian peopleEdited by Dr Albertas GerutisTranslated by Algirdas BudreckisIntroduction by Raphael SealeyContributing authorsAlbertas GerutisJonas PuzinasStasys LozoraitisJuozas JakstasAlgirdas Budrecki.

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Lithuania 700 Years

At a time when Russia was little than a loosely knit uasi confederation of clans preoccupied with interminable internecine warfare Lithuania was establishing itself as perhaps the most viable state in Eastern Europe this despite periodic invasion by the Livonian Order and the Teutonic Knights Ironically its gradual decline from eminence as a major European power was rooted in its greatness as a viable sate because it sat astride the area where East met Wes.

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T on the European continent both geographically as well as culturally Lithuania was forced into the position of being a buffer state between two emerging powers Czarist Russia and Imperial Prussia and was thus unable to be spared the fate that befell its former sister state PolandWithin the confines of this book the work of some of the foremost Lithuanian historians and scholars on the contemporary scene is told the tragic history of a people caught betwee.

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    I read this book to learn the history of the country my maternal grandmother left to go to America in 1913 It is written in an academic style and is dry reading The book was published in 1969 before Lithuania got its independence back in 1990

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    This was a difficult but transformative read for myself My family immigrated from Lithuania in the early 1900's I had no idea of the struggles they endured While difficult to digest the information in this book does give a factual

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