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Deborah Alexander À 4 Read

L to the other side of a mountain where she discovers a village of giants As soon as she arrives one of the giants picks up the beautiful shell Am

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Amina and the Shell

Amina and her family live in a beautiful lush valley on a tropical island After yet another storm ruins their vegetable garden Amina finds a tunne

Summary Amina and the Shell

Ina is hiding in and carries it off With the help of some clever mice Amina manages to escape and returns home with a special gift for her parents

3 thoughts on “Amina and the Shell

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    I really loved this story when I read it for the first time and will definitely be using it for a lesson a bit of a detailed story yet still with plenty of illustrations mystery and magic to make it exciting and enjoyable for any year of key stage 2What I really like about this story is the real sense of culture and the problems relating to some very real life issues which are weaved into the story Amina's family is di

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    This book can be used to do so much with This book could be used to introduce a unit on island life and how many people around the world suffer when the weather is bad because their livelihood depends on the weather being a certain way The story uickly takes a turn when Amina travels to the forbidden part of the

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    Although I really enjoyed the illustrations in this story as well as the setting premise and idea there was something that felt a little disjointed about the telling of the tale as if the idea was too big for the words to do the story justice in the time that it had Amina meeting the giant mice and rat felt rushed and convoluted and at time

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