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Er own adventureDiane Engel captures the magic of finding connections with role models from the past and the importance of communicating family heritage to younger generations Engel's engaging watercolors give life to the curious mischievous and sometimes tempestuous Josephina as well as to her adventurous namesa

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Josephina Hates Her Name

O unlike Josephina's grandmother was not afraid of snakes and spiders One day Great Aunt Josephina followed her heart and went to explore the Great Jungle leaving behind a gold locket Many years later Josephina's grandmother remembers the locket and with it finds the courage to move to the United States and find h

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What's in a name Poor Josephina thinks there's a lot She hates her old fashioned unusual name Why couldn't she have a pretty name like Sarah or AmyJosephina is in a horrible mood until her grandma tells her the story of her namesake Great Aunt Josephina Great Aunt Josephina was an adventurer explorer and artist wh

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    Awesome way to teach self loved in the future classroom I did not love the illustrations in this book I think they could hav

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    I read this when i was little Josephina Hates Her Name haha

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