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Cord of my downfall from pampered pet to grubby corn obsessed middle ageThis isn't How to Capybara anything and the facts are a little bit mixed up If you are interested in wild capybaras don't look here I can tell you what's in my refrigerat.

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I Can Explain Everything

Or though and where the off limits birdseed is I also discuss visitor expectations explain discreet coprophagy techniues and offer advice on forays into forbidden parts of the house Grab a highlighter and take notes in case there is a poop ui.

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Is there a 100 pound semi auatic South American rodent in your kitchenI am Dobby the Capybara I live in the suburbs and this is my story Royalty is automatic among the world's largest rodents but I am The Prince Read the highly opinionated re.

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    Who would have thought that the life of a pet capybara the world's largest rodent could be so interesting Dobby Winnick aka Prince Dobalob considers himself to be royalty and his caretaker the Farm Manager to be his servant Talk about an animal that feels entitled The book is written as an autobiography but I think as with so man