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Asked uestions like How did you find such great clients to work with How do you find the jobs that pay well and are not boring How do you increase your rating when you're new to oDesk Why do I need to complete oDesk tests And so on There's no doubt about it it's overwhelming when you arrive on oDesk for the first time there is so much to do to create a good profile understand what oDesk tests are and what to include in your portfolio.


How to Pimp Your oDesk Profile

This is a special book filled with text images So you've set up your profile on oDesk Congratulations But are you finding the right clients and landing the right jobs Or are you struggling to find clients that pay well and work that challenges you This book came about as a direct result of my success with oDesk I successfully used oDesk to uit my job in June 2012 a short 10 months after I started freelancing on the side I kept getting.

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; that you can find yourself giving up pretty uick This book is an introduction to setting up your profile the right way It will show you ways to 'pimp out' your profile that results in oDesk promoting YOU to potential clients In this book you will learn How to set up your oDesk profile so that clients FIND YOU oDesk tests and how you can use these to INCREASE your rating How to SET your rates How to find the RIGHT clients plus so muc.

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    The basics of creating a decent profile on Upwork Elance etc Even though I am a veteran of these sorts of sites I did learn a few things to t

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    Solid book for freelancers new to online bidding sitesLise gives many great examples as well as good action steps to get you through to getting your first gig

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    Great book very concise as you can finish it in less than 2 hours full of important recommendations for the ones starting in the Freelancing world