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Summary How to Make Money in Open Face Chinese Poker

Our Open Face Chinese Poker Super System helps players consistently make money in the long run The book is divided into four major sections 1 Basics – For those who are just starting out and familiarizing with basic OFCP rules and scoring calculations 2 Strategies – Advanced techniues which help you improve your game and remain one step ahead of your opponents 3 Sample Play by Play – Breakdown of live example match ups that dissects the thought process of each player 4 Super System – Formulation concepts that help you win consistently Book Features 1 Pokrneo's Super System will take you from average intelligence to.

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How to Make Money in Open Face Chinese Poker

Brilliance This simple and proven system has already helped many players achieve remarkable results 2 Over 10 excellently crafted strategies with detailed explanations Our team played over 2000 rounds of OFCP over the course of 300 days and nights We made sure each tutorial presents a common but meaningful scenario putting you on the edge against your opponents 3 Perfect for learning as a novice or reviewing your foundation as an expert Each tutorial is accompanied with plenty of illustrations Our team of editors went over the tutorials numerous times making sure the content and illustrations are easy to read and understan.

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How to Make Money in Open Face Chinese Poker OFCP is the first and only OFCP book on the market that teaches you how to win It introduces the fundamental theorems for those who are just learning the game and importantly transforms a regular player into an expert in the OFCP environment Whether you are aiming to make some side income or have been playing poker throughout your career this book will euip you with everything you need to crush you opponents This book is for those looking for solid strategy advice complemented by over 100 illustrations and live examples sample play by plays and interactive test your knowledge A's.