Handbook of Water Purity and uality [ read online ] BY Satinder Ahuja

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Handbook of Water Purity and uality

Eloped countries followed by a review of issues of sampling for water analysis regulatory considerations and forensics in water uality and purity investigations The subseuent chapters cover microbial as well chemical contaminations from inorganic compounds radionuclides volatile and semi volatile com

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This work provides those involved in water purification research and administration with a comprehensive resource of methods for analyzing water to assure its safety from contaminants both natural and human caused The book first provides an overview of major water related issues in developing and dev


Pounds disinfectants herbicides and pharmaceuticals including endocrine disruptors as well as potential terrorist related contamination The last chapter describes the Grainger prize winning filter that can remove arsenic from water sources and sufficiently protect the health of a large number of peop

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