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“This definitive work on HR competencies provides ideas and tools that help HR professionals develop their career and make their organization effective” Edward E Lawler III Professor University of Southern California “This book is a crucial blueprint of what it takes to succeed A must have for every HR professional” Lynda Gratton Professor London Business School “One single concept changed the HR world forever ‘HR business partner’ Through consistent cycles of research and practical application Dave and his team have produced and update the most comprehensive set of HR competencies ever” Horacio uiros President.

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HR from the Outside In

World Federation of People Management Associations Packed with facts evidence and prescriptive advice It is about being a business leader first and an HR professional second” Randy MacDonald Senior Vice President Human Resources IBM Corporation The concepts and competencies presented in this book provide HR leaders with new insights Gina iao Senior Vice President HR Lenovo “Powerful relevant and timely Defines new HR in a pragmatic way This book is a must for leaders and HR folks who seek to create sustainable competitive advantage” Satish Pradhan Chief Group Human Resources Tata Sons Limited “You can’t argue with t.

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He data This book is a definitive and practical guide to learning the HR competencies for success” John Lynch Senior Vice President HR General Electric “A must read for any HR executive This research based competency model is particularly compelling because it is informed by the perspective of non HR executives and stakeholders” Sue Meisinger Distinguished speaker and author former CEO of SHRM Read this book for a uniue long term perspective on where HR competencies have brought us and must take us in future John Boudreau Professor University of Southern California and Research Director Center for Effective Organizations.