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An Original Screenplay Murder love and obsession pull together the threads of a powerful story Patricia dreams of becoming a freelance journalist enough to give up her job as a nurse But living the dream is a long way from reality Her biggest story so far is an exposé on narcoleptic pets She needs a big story her break in story that will go national and make her name Dennis survives a horrific automobile accident Patricia is there for her neighbor and longtime friend Dennis needs h.


Fates Shepherd

Elp The driver in the other car is dead And now the police want to know why Dennis’ wife has been missing for over a month Patricia soon discovers that Dennis has other secrets For six months he has been unemployed after his company shed jobs He is a man descending into crisis Patricia starts to pick up the pieces and look for answers When she collects the personal effects from Dennis’ wrecked car she finds a package The police made nothing of it but the journalist in her finds.

SUMMARY Fates Shepherd

No detail beneath her attention She opens the box It looks like a cheap gift but Patricia’s medical training tells her otherwise Only she comprehends the macabre nature of the box’s contents Now Dennis’ accident takes on a darker aspect Patricia has her break in story and she will do anything to find the truth Who is the real owner of the package The they discover the greater the danger Will the unspoken past that Dennis and Patricia share bring them together or tear them apar.

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