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characters Falling Leaves

A woman finds a special leaf that leads her to a magical and mysteri.

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Falling Leaves

Ous place Will she believe what she sees when she finally gets there.

Kayla Curry ´ 8 characters

Will she decide to stayThis is the first story in a series of three.

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    On Christmas day I the found the time to read a great little short story called Falling Leaves by Kayla CurrySo what's the story about? It's about a woman who finds a leaf and is intrigued and mystified by its perfectly symmetrical formation This leaf takes her to a place and a man Frenchman she never really expe

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    FALLING LEAVES was an interesting read that drew me through from one page to the next Kayla Curry created a concept that instilled an element of suspense that all successful authors employ wanting to know what's next The version of the story I read seemed to be wrapped up too uickly at the end All in all I would recommend this shor

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    This short story about a mysterious leaf is intriguing I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it but I'm actu