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characters Engineering The Ancient World

Engineering The Ancient World

An Herodotus had answers to all these uestions and filled many pages of his famous histories with descriptions of the wonders and marvels that he saw on his extensive travels through Egypt Greece Mesopotamia and Persia from the hanging gardens of Babylon to the temple of Dian.

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How high were the walls of Jericho Where did Nebuchanezzar get hold of all the bitumen he needed for the millions of bricks reuired to build Babylon Was the ancient Suez canal really 200km long and did 120000 Egyptians die in the course of its construction The ancient histori.

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A at Ephesus In Engineering the Ancient World engineering expert Dick Parry goes back over Herodotus's footsteps and compares his accounts of the extraordinary achievements of ancient engineers builders and designers with what archaeologists and historians have since discover.

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