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CHARACTERS ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Tim Flach

Sing issues of our time Travelling around the world to settings ranging from forest to savannah to the polar seas to the great coral reefs Flach has constructed a powerful visual record of remarkable animals and ecosystems facing harsh challenges Among them are primates coping with habitat loss big cats in a losing battle with human settlements elephants hunted for their ivory and numerous bird species taken as pets With eminent zoologist Jonathan Baillie providing insightful commentary on this ambitious project Endangered unfolds as a series of vivid interconnected stories that pose gripping moral dilemmas unforgettably expressed bythan of Flach s incredible imag.

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Tim Flach photographs wild animals with an almost human like intimacy His new book turns the lens on endangered species around the world in a series of heartbreakingly beautiful portraits Marie ClairePhotographer Tim Flach s latest book Endangered with text by zoologist Jonathan Baillie offers a powerful visual record of threatened animals and ecosystems facing the harshest of challenges The GuardianThe photograph is part of a collection of animal images depicting species on the brink of extinction featured in Flach s new book Endangered By capturing the personalities of the animals Flach hopes readers will feel an emotional connection and be motivated to help pro.

CHARACTERS ñ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Tim Flach

Tect them The striking resemblance to a certain film character doesn t hurt either We look at this animal and we think it looks like Yoda from Star Wars says Flach The New Scientist Combining stylised deeply emotional portraits of the animals with images taken in their natural habitat the book aims directly for the heart highlighting their vulnerability and all too delicate existence BBC Focus An incredible set of photographs highlighting the plight of endangered animals around the world Daily MailIn Endangered the result of an extraordinary multiyear project to document the lives of threatened species acclaimed photographer Tim Flach explores one of the most pres.