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On her mysterious rescuer ever againWill escaping her sexy muscle bound savior haunt her forever Or will she forget her desire for the brawn warriorTortured every moment spent away from the elusive woman the Cursed warrior Domitius searches relentlessly one thought driving his pursuit Find her claim her consume herThe lethal hunter a.

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Domitius The Cursed #2

You will fall head over heels in love with DomitiusBook 2 in The Cursed seriesTormented nightly by horrific memories of being kidnapped Jessica struggles to regain some semblance of a normal life After spending days as the unwilling guest of a diabolical monster she finds the only thing scarier than being captured is never laying eyes.

Free download Domitius The Cursed #2

Nd deadly assassin will stop at nothing to locate the evasive woman and kill all those who stand in his way His need to find her eclipsed only by his need to make her his for eternity drives him to the brink of insanity But can he reach her before it's too late˃˃˃ Or will an evil scourge of Fallen warriors find her first44000 words.

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    Another super hot book with eually hot vampires This one brings us Domitius also known as Biker vampire He is super sexy and the passion he has for his mate is super intense Jessica is hit mate and she is not a submissive person which makes all the sense when you get to know Domitius All in all super hot book that shouldn't be missed Full

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    Wow these books are getting hotter this One follows Jessica and Domitius who by the way is seriously hota little obsessed but I suppose after thousands of years walking earth cursed to finding your mate and losing her twice in a few weeks will do that to a man A must read series all the cursed vampires and even Caleb a fallen is hot I love how the characters draw you in to this book

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