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  • Diving Gozo Comino: The Essential Guide to an Underwater Playground
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  • 10 November 2019
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Diving Gozo Comino: The Essential Guide to an Underwater Playground

In Diving Gozo Comino local dive guide and instructor Richard Salter shares his maps experience and advice for sites Photos above and below water depths durations and grades are given Easy Advanced or Technical to help you choose where to dive Put a copy in your glovebox and go Gozo Malta has a multitude of underwater attractions to explore from the shore or by boat Divers can see breathtaking caves tunnels wrecks reefs and bays If you consider the profusion of marine life and good visibility it is not hard to understand why the diving here is consistently voted amongst the best in Europe Richard Salter s Diving Gozo Comino covers a huge dives on Gozo and on Comino including to name a.

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Few the Blue Hole Inland Sea and Tunnel Santa Maria Caves Double Arch Rea Point Billinghurst Cave and the wrecks Cominoland Karwela Xlendi Ferry and P Original site maps include suggested routes the location of underwater caves and swim throughs depth and features Photographs from a variety of contributors show both Gozo s underwater scenery and the topside landscape Written by a vastly experienced resident instructor and guide Diving Gozo Comino The essential guide to an underwater playground features both shore and boat dives including some sites which are very rarely explored Whether researching a self guided trip or diving with one of Gozo s many professional centres this book will.

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Help you to pick and plan safe and fun dives But not only that Diving Gozo Comino also contains information about the island s rich history fascinating tourist sites celebratory village festas and delicious original food Diving Gozo Comino includes changes caused by the collapse of the Azure Window at Dwejra Although an incredibly sad loss this natural event was just one of an infinite number which have sculpted the coastline of the Maltese islands over the millennia as divers can see better than most Underwater the layout of the dive site was altered with the landscape containing new swim throughs and shallower parts making it accessible todivers The adjacent Blue Hole was unaffected.

About the Author: Richard Salter

Richard Salter is an instructor and dive guide who started diving the Maltese islands in 2004 where he has amassed over 5000 dives mostly on Gozo and Comino After finding accurate information hard to come by and existing publications lacking he started to draw his own dive site maps He also learned some local history so that he could show divers the best places depending on the kind of diving they wished to pursue Now he shares his knowledge so that divers can safely enjoy all that Gozo and Comino have to offer