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S practical idealism can be seen in efforts as diverse as the beautification of kibbutzim and her strong advocacy of unemployment benefits The work that 'most concerned and interested me' she writes was 'the tr Golda is writing about her life as a Daughter to a poor Jew who faced discrimination even at the Soviet union Army where he servedAs an Immigrant to America then IsraelAs a mother to a son and a daughter and finally as a Prime Minsteronly female Prime Minster in the Middle East to a new born country in the middle eastShe is writing as a woman and how she have to handle her both lives as a mother and a wife and as a political figure who during her leadership her country was in war was two major Neighbor countries Egypt and SyriaThe book have it all except some controversial history and religious factsthe Dramathe feminist and motherhood part and above all who the founders of Israel had to do to make their country survive

Summary My Life by Golda Meir

My Life by Golda Meir

My Life is the autobiography of the first female Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir The book is both frank and very revealing of her personality and goals Her total lack of pretense is especially winning Meir' My Life by Golda Meir is a compelling autobiography which tells of the life of this amazing woman from her early poverty stricken childhood in Kiev to her tenure as Prime Minister of Israel from 1969 to 1974It is also the story of Zionism and the State of Israel it s struggle to be born amidst Arab and British hostility and its struggle to survive against the venomous hatred of the Arab world and the treachery of the international communityShe writes at length about the struggle against the British authorities who did their dammdest during the 1930 s and 1940 s to ensure that the Jewish State would be stillborn in blood The British barred millions of Jewish men women and children fleeing Hitler from entering Israel turning them back to perish in the Nazi ovensAnd even today the attitude of the British elites not the ordinary people towards Israel is one of uncompromising callous poisonWritten in 1975 the world still made a lot sense then as this was before it became so illogically fashionable to so viciously hate tiny democratic Israel But still the trends that would intensify where beginning Gold Meir was a lifelong Socialist but spared no punches in condemning the Soviet Union for it s perfidious backing of all Arab attempts to destroy Israel She also condemns the New Left which at the time the book was written where beginning their hate campaign against IsraelShe refers to her disgust at the honoring by the UN of mass murderer Yasser Arafat It is bitter to writenow in a world that has chosen to endow Arab terrorism with glamour and to admit to the so called council of nations a man like Yasser Arafat who has not one constructive thought or action to his credit and to put it uite plainly is only a consumed multiple murderer heading a movement dedicated solely to the destruction of the State of IsraelToday this has not changed except that Arafat has claimed millions of victims and has the support of world academia the world media and countless Arab and Third world regimesMeir also rejected the creation of a third Palestinian state between Ira and the Mediterranean but was prepared to countenance the ceding of parts of the West Bank to Jordan Sadly the decision to reverse this stand by her Labour Party has caused the spilling of much bloodShe writes much about her work in bettering the lives of both Jews and Arabs in Israel and her work in helping with the development of much of newly independent Africa in the 1960 s and early 70 s before the African States turned on Israel after the Yom Kippur War of 1973But the primary message of this book is this I have seen my five grandchildren grow up as Jews in a country that is their own Let no one have any doubts about this Our children and our children s children will never settle for anything less

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Anslation of socialist principles into the down to earth terminology of everyday life' Although the political events and the world players she worked with are well known they are recounted with drama and spirit And what a truly astonishing life it was I found this in a used book sale some time ago and I immediately knew I would have to read it if only to get a firsthand account of how the State of Israel came about I confess to have previously known little about Golda Meir except perhaps that she existed and that she had been portrayed in Spielberg s 2005 movie Munich depicting an episode only briefly referenced in My Life Suffice to say I learned a lotAbout the founding of modern Israel I knew about as much as any non Israeli that it became a reality after WWII and that to a large extent its existence was dedicated to the memory of those lost in the Holocaust and as a promise that such a thing could never happen again Yet Meir details a considerably longer shadow pioneers who took up the cause in the 19th century who didn t live to see it blossom into a full blown reality Meir was in fact born in Russia and moved with her family at an early age to the United States Her great passion for the Zionist cause that made Israel possible was something she inherited from her sister and which she took much farther than her even though in time the whole family immigrated to what was at that time still known as PalestineThe great force of will that made all of it possible is the most powerful message of My Life how disparate peoples came together to found a new country against incredible odds Throughout Meir takes great pains to dispute many of the claims various Arab states and apologists have made over the years and in fact the most astonishing episode she relates involves the incredible inhumanity Jews still had to face after the Holocaust from the British no less something history has conveniently forgotten in the rush to embrace a new narrative that at least acknowledges that the Holocaust happened and that this was a bad thing Incredible that such a sentence can be composedI am not Jewish I am Catholic Meir talks about how Catholic popes didn t exactly rush to embrace Israel either Catholics actually have among them apologists for their response to the Holocaust just as there are apologists for all the greedy nations around the world who ve supported bloodthirsty Arabs perennially hell bent on Israel s destruction She has kind words to say about Nixon while also acknowledging from her vantage point in 1975 three years before her death which would probably be attributable to the great strain imposed on her by her historic years as prime minister and the Yom Kippur War that came to define them that history would otherwise have a tougher time with him She liked Kennedy a great deal I can only say that if this is what being Jewish was like last century and this century any century really I have absolutely no problem with them They are truly a credit to humanityShe has a fascinating perspective on the history of the 20th century regardless of whether or not her personal stake is taken into consideration and what s heartbreaking is that in 2016 we can see how little progress has been made since her time Yitzhak Rabin who succeeded her as prime minister was assassinated a little over twenty years ago Benjamin Netanyahu the current one has had a strained relationship with President Obama About the best thing we can say about the Middle East right now is that instead of targeting Israel for annihilation every other day much of it is buried under internal turmoil partly because I would argue the West finally stood up to it although there s a lot to it than that Is that a positive Time will tellMeir offers a lot of sobering perspective in this book She was certainly a remarkable person I can offer a few uibbles about what was or wasn t written within the pages of My Life but all you really need to know is that this is a valuable reading experience

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    “One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present”When I first discov

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    My Life by Golda Meir is a compelling autobiography which tells of the life of this amazing woman from her early poverty stricken childhood in Kiev to her tenure as Prime Minister of Israel from 1969 to 1974It is also the

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    Back in my college days I remember reading a uote by Golda Meir During the late 1950’s there was a wave of violent rapes in Israel C

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    Golda Meir’s autobiography is a wonderful story about a driven person whom circumstances conspired to make great It is also a fine account of one of the 20th century’s most fascinating stories IsraelIs it biased in favor of the Jewish view of things Completely And unapologeticallyBut that is what one should expect from the autobiography

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    The book is about the biography of a leading women she is describing the first stories of the Jews immigration into Palestine and explains the steps of establishing a homeland to themI shared many human feelings with her like pain hun

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    Golda is writing about her life as a Daughter to a poor Jew who faced discrimination even at the Soviet union A

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    The stories of the ancient Hebrews have enthralled generation after generationtheir release from Egyptian bondage the opening of the Red Sea the day the sun stood still manna falling from heaven These stories are known and loved by p

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    And what a truly astonishing life it was I found this in a used book sale some time ago and I immediately knew I would have to read

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    This was the 2nd time I read this book Once about 15 years ago Absolutely loved it Lots of detail historical facts and very descriptive of her life during the early years of Israel

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    Although her biography is now dated ‘My Life The Autobiography of Gold Meir London Futura 1984 must be seen as

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