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Se Brad When Brad has to go on a far away trip to the United Arab Emirates Bella pleads with him to let her go with They end up biting off they can chew when trouble strikes in the middle of the desert In her

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Desert Domination

How I wished I could be one of them just to have a chance to show what I have to offer to show that I could be the person he’s been looking for his whole life Bella has an immense crush on the man of the hou

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Desperation Bella considers confessing her feelings hoping for some rough action from her alpha male without protection This taboo short story includes an intense crash harsh elements and tons of steamy action

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    Really uick and fun

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    Bella has a thing for Brad and is dying for him to take notice The thing is Brad is just not another guy he is

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    Do you have five minutes to feel hot and bothered Then go ahead and read this super short super naughty story about a girl with a crush on her handsome step dad I really like the premise a trip to the Middle East an accident an oasis and a passionate break of the rules What I don't like is that cover Really It should have a desert and a couple in a tight embrace or something eually hot and thrilling After all the story is hot an