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    I got through this by listening to Benedict Cumberbach read it to me and it was probably a lot better that way

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    Casanova is fascinating to people for stories of his romanticsexual exploits This bio addresses some of the most notorious of those as well as tell of his adventures throughout Europe and his back and forth relationship with Venice It

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    I liked this bookit's a 35 rounded down to a 3 just because it wasn't written as a storyI'd much rather have read it from the first person I saw this book as I was browsing the book aisle at Costco which I do once a week and the title caught my eye I love historical fiction and I thought to myself I don't know anything about Casanovabesides the obvious I had no idea he was so many thingsor that a person in that time could travel so much Ju

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    Wow what a life Enthralling mischievous and sometimes a little creep creep It's a 45 from me Sometimes I find biographies a bit overwhelming with too much detail and research gone into them not to say that this book did not have all the research but it read so easily like a gripping story on its own Mind this might be beca

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    With a reputation that precedes him without fail all readers comes to Casanova with a preconceived notion of him

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    Like most people when I hear the name Casanova I think of sex Ian Kelly offers a rounded view of a fascinating man who has come to be defined by a single facet of his complex lifeCasanova’s autobiography “The History of My Life” offers than the story of one man’s life It allows us a uniue glimpse into the life of people from all walks of life during the eighteenth century He mingled with prostitutes and kings actors and bishops a T

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    The name Casanova comes with a lot of baggage After reading this book it turns out Giacomo Casanova was not that different than the others guys in his time he just took the time to write it all down He did not sug

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    See my review on my book blog

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    Review courtesy of The story of Casanova writes as myth outweighing reality In his time he rattled pearls and purses as he swaggered through ei

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    This book follows the life and sexual escapades of Giacomo Casanova using Casanova's own memoirs as Ian Kelly's main primary source often bac

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Therine the Great Casanova was undoubtedly charismatic But how exactly did he seduce himself into infamyIn this richly drawn portrait Casanova emerges as very much a product of eighteenth century Venice He reveled in its commedia del arte and Kelly posits that his successes as both a libertine and a libertarian grew from his careful study of its artifice and illusion Food travel sex. With a reputation that precedes him without fail all readers comes to Casanova with a preconceived notion of him either as the suave seducer with little regard for his partners a description accurate of Byron or that of a philandering fraud who lucked his way through the beds and courts of 18th century Europe Ian Kelly however does not cast Giacomo Casanova as either nor as swashbuckling depraved or the loveable rogue The key lies in Kelly s observation of Casanova s sex life for which the Venetian is famed For a supposedly ceaseless appetite for everything carnal Casanova s sex life was no or less active than any of the Grand Tourists at the time The only difference being that Casanova took the time to write it all down and perhaps trailed into somewhat less vanilla scenariosWithout glorifying libertine escapades or sugar coating reprehensible details such as Casanova s admission of incest and by modern standards paedophilia a story already lucidly told by its author Kelly has written a well rounded and candid biographers account of Casanova s life Using Casanova s own memoirs as the primary source Kelly ensures that the same charm filters down to biographer s page then using surviving contemporary sources Kelly corrects Casanova s intended or innocent mistakes verifies passages that seem fictional and where possible unveils the characters in Casanova s life previous hidden under pseudonyms It could be argued that singled the memoirs down to a single volume cuts too much out but I believe Kelly s intentions were to give us an insight of the real man behind the Chevalier de Seingalt the context of which such events occur and the subseuent effect if you want the whole explicit detail perhaps it would be best to start with the memoirs The Story of My LifeThat being said having not read that memoirs though yes I have seen the 2005 BBC3 miniseries and listened to an abridged audiobook of Casanova s Venetian years I still found this book highly accessible Written in standard third person non fictional prose Kelly provides a clear context to Casanova s life breaking it down to periods or eras to examine as a whole whereas chronologically some things overlap such as Casanova s workings with the French government and his involvement in the cabala Yet it s not disjointed and could easily be read alongside the memoirs in the same way you might read a SparkNotes guide to accompany a book report As others have pointed out the book does wane a little towards the end yet this appropriately reflects Casanova as by this period Casanova did not write in detail about his life as the librarian at Dux whether he intended to and was interrupted by death we ll never know leaving Kelly to piece together the last years from note and letters no longer having the vibrant memoirs to steer the book forwards That being said with the socio historic context offered I would recommend this biography both to newcomers and well versed fans of Casanova It was an enjoyable read even if my sympathies for Casanova was lost by the time he reaches his forties a point when his life turns from florid to sordid thanks to apparently a midlife crisis with the self propaganda stripped from his memoirs the Casanova Kelly leaves us with is one you cannot help but pity a little For all the less admirable instances in Casanova s life it is a shame he faded out reduced to a side note in Dux after having lived so much a surprise considering there must have been than one jealous husband willing to kill him Of course Casanova is both and neither seducer or fraud but rather and above all a confident actor playing at being nobility or being love ever the Venetian laughing at the approaching tideMen often of aristocratic families travelling Europe with no fixed address and money than they have senseContent warnings Major warning for sexual content incest paedophiliaMinor warning for language gambling references to the occultCasanova is his own warningCasanova by Ian Kelly Paperback 999 also available in ebook formats and as an abridged audiobook

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Casanova Actor Spy Lover Priest

Casanova’s great passions are timeless ones and Kelly brings to life in full flavor the grandeur of his exploits He also articulates the fascinating personal philosophy that inspired Casanova’s uest to bed all manner of women and also a few menA riveting look at the life of the most legendary lover of all time this is destined to become the definitive biography of Giacomo Casanov. The name Casanova comes with a lot of baggage After reading this book it turns out Giacomo Casanova was not that different than the others guys in his time he just took the time to write it all down He did not sugarcoat it most of the time either if he messed up he wrote about it Casanova s life reads like an 18th century travelogue There were not many travellers back then so when an individual visited the staggering amount of cities he did people can learn many things from his writings about them Casanova wrote prolifically about food theatres books plays and yes women He writes about meeting Voltaire Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great He was arrested by the Venice Inuisition but escaped from jail He starts in Venice goes all over what is now Italy Paris most of the Germanic states St Petersburg London Constantinople just an amazing number of locales in a time when the vast majority of humans stayed put This was a very enjoyable read Ian Kelly obviously spent years combing through the letters and books Casanova left behind and even fact checked them making sure people were where he said they were throughout the 18th century I learned a lot about 18th century travel and European states of affairs from this book but it certainly can be shocking with the intense detail of some of his female conuests


In Casanova noted author Ian Kelly traces the life of Giacomo Casanova a man whose very name is synonymous with sensuality seduction and sexual prowess But Casanova was than just a great lover A businessman diplomat spy and philosopher he authored than twenty books including a translation of The Iliad Confidant to many infamous characters including Madame de Pompadour Voltaire and Ca. I got through this by listening to Benedict Cumberbach read it to me and it was probably a lot better that way