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John Graham is one of the great figures of Scottish history To his supporters he will always be Bonnie Dundee first and most romantic of the Jacobite rebels To hi.

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Bonnie Dundee For King and Conscience

D soldier faithful to the service of his government yet who ended his days as a rebel commander at the head of a ragged clan army in the hills of northern Scotlan.

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S enemies he is Bluidy Clavers Going back to original sources the authors penetrate the myth to reveal the life and career of a supremely efficient and discipline.

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    A great read This is a well written book which gives a fairly comprehensive biography of this superb soldier and Jacobite It also explains the background to his life and times but not in so much exhaustive detail as to get tedious I learned a lot about Dundee and about the early Jacobites Well worth reading

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    Easily the best historical book I've read in uite some time Considering the complexities of contextual events and the fact that this is in essence the biography of a military career the colourful and dynamic writing style

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