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Bill Mauldin in Korea

Hat works And the picture he paints of the Marines and the Navy both services strange and alarming to him at first is enough to gladden every American heartIn the words of the immortal Willie and Joe and with his wonderfully entertaining and powerful pictures Mauldin has created a close up of the United States doughfeet marines and sailors now fighting in Korea and an optimistic report on a war freuently described

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As a frustrating messHere too is a scattering of brass the brass has always scattered before Mauldin the partly hilarious partly tragic scene at Panmunjom and a rapid tour through the great Rest and Relaxation center that is Tokyo it turns out Mauldin was never meant for geisha housesBill Mauldin's new book is a uniue close up of the Korean War as seen by the most penetratingly observant private soldier of them all

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Bill Mauldin is back this time in Korea where he occupies what is for him the exceedingly privileged position of correspondentWhat Mauldin found in Korea is good The fighting men perched on the slopes and peaks of the Korean mountains form he thinks the finest army the United States has ever had a crack professional corps high in morale and savvy it's graduates constantly growing in number through a rotation plan t

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William Henry Bill Mauldin was a two time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist from the United States He was most famous for his World War II cartoons depicting American soldiers as represented by the archetypal characters Willie and Joe These cartoons were broadly published and distributed in the American army abroad and in the United States

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    First hand reporting from January April 1952 of the war in Korea unfiltered by subseuent events and unedited by meddling historians Originally p

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    Pretty humorous Definitely insightful

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