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And an expression of thought and opinion surrounding social issues of the present day Each essay touches on the author's search for substance depth and purpose and is written with full transparency providing the reader with a uniue window into the author's soul The Narratives Anthology is a compilation of all four previously published Narratives works that were crafted over the course of two years following the death of a loved one The collection traces the author’s journey through the five st.

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Anthology The Narratives #1 4

Ages of loss his healing process and the beginning of a new phase in his life The highs and lows are pronounced and seep through in the writing taking the reader on an emotional journey through moments of personal triumph and exhilaration but also through moments of anger sadness and total despair Each short essay style narrative touches on a particular personal or societal topic but when taken as a whole they are recognized as emotional stepping stones in the transformation of the author’s lif.

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This book contains new material including a Forward section that details the history and genesis of the series plus five new essays written post volume fourThe Narratives is a collection of short introspective essays written by an average guy in an effort to better understand himself his life and his relationship with the world around him while traveling the road of self discovery These works can best be described as the author's uniue brand of journaling encompassing both self reflective entries.

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    This is a wonderful and deeply insightful collection of what I can only describe as philosophy for a modern world and a modern mind essays It is written with great vulnerability bravery and perspective It's not only amazing to read these words and allow yourself to be moved and made to think from the many profound moments within but it is a true literary adventure to witness the authors own evolution along the way He starts out as an intr

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