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Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ M.J. Rennie

Perhaps in the future the presence of men in our lives will become entirely superfluous But until that day arrives we will have to deal with this creatureour servitor our manual laborer our sexual object and our entertainment The key to a happy life therefore is to find a man who will be a groveling slave and a companionable mate at the same timeIf our universe isn't the only one in existence what might be the Feminine Dominant features of other alternate universes M J Rennie's collection of fifteen new never before published short stories poses a wickedly erotic set of answersones not so different than you'll find on 21st century earth where the power struggle between the gender continues You can be sure in these stories it's the female who ends up in chargeAmong Rennie's offbeat tales of Ascendant Females are the following.

characters Alternate Eros

Alternate Eros

Gems A Mother Daughter Pair Only after Steve proposes to the lovely Chrissy does he find out that his beautiful mother in law Glenda will come along for the ride Best Boy In Show Since the Social Revolution an entire industry has grown up to promote the sale exchange and barter of boys Mrs Melinda Murchison is known as a boy trainer of exceptional skill and she can't wait for her newest boy to train Mari Complaisant On the state sanctioned National Socialist radio talk show network Chester Boors is a hero but to his wife Audra he's nothing but a groveling toadyJungle Fever Fantasy It's Vacuum Tube Valley and the year is 1984 After Melinda Smith repairs the novel writing machine she seduces Bill Gates an angular near sighted egghead in the Sex Ministry's Control Room Fit For Command A pair of political climbers discover they h.

Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ M.J. Rennie

Ave many things in common besides a mutual penchant for Feminine Dominant sex Malyssa's Darkside After Malyssa discloses her marital secret to Betsy she invites her friend to join in as she dominates her husband Greg These stories and many ALTERNATE EROS explores the Fem Dom experience in a variety of alternate universes stretching the boundaries of the erotic story along the way In this wide ranging and stimulating collection devotees of the Fem Dom genre will find the uniue ualities of acclaimed Femdom author M J Rennie displayed at their very bestGraphic content includes kinky marriages institutionalized female domination switching punishment chastity devices strap on sex dogboy training and plenty of sizzling sexualityM J Rennie is the author of the best selling novel How to Adore An Older Woman available from Pink Flamin.