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free download å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF è Anatole MacEllas

The year is 1762 and novice monk André Boulin des Barres spends his days and nights among brothers transcribing ancient texts at a remote monastery in the nameless woods of Ambronay a far cry from the opulent life he left behind as the son of a noble family He often thinks of Julian Artaugn his childhood best friend now living a hedonist aristocrat’s life in the court of Louis XV at Versailles and relishes his irreverent l.

free download A Monks Progress

A Monks Progress

Or I could bring myself to do nothing else; I could not somehow bring myself to shake my head Julian was before me in an instant if that and he moved well like a combatant I recalled his skill at sparring how deft with a foil He had always bested me He was laughing charmed by my discomfiture “Tell me André ” and though he did not touch me a shudder passed through my frame “ Shall I speak to you of unspeakable things”.

free download å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF è Anatole MacEllas

Etters When Julian visits the abbey André is elated to find that their bond is as strong as ever but he soon finds that he’s not the only one whose eyes have been opened to new experiences And while some things about Julian may have changed his charm and persuasive nature have not This stand alone novelette is the prelude to a series “I see your breath uicken André Shall I tell you what I know of Zeus” I looked away f.